My heart’s fill

He made a passing gesture, as if to serve me some Kozhakattai. It wasn’t the sweet one, but a variant, known as ‘Upma kozhakattai’, a popular snack in some households. I knew that he wasn’t going to serve it to me; it was a perfunctory move, a mere gesture towards me while he was serving others, at about 4 o’clock this afternoon. That is because he may have guessed that I would turn it down, as I am likely to do most of the times. It isn’t that I always turn down the food offered to me. However, one habit that I have developed, which my colleagues find peculiar, is that I choose to eat only when I am hungry. This, even if some exotic or delicious dish, say a brownie, is presented to me.

One of my earliest memories of EZV, is the food. I vividly remember how in the evenings, the smell of food would waft through the office. It would be a pizza one day, vadai another. And eating would be a community affair. This, not just in the snack time. During lunch hour, groups of people would get together and all lay out their lunch boxes. There would be chats, laughs and lots of food.

I am grateful that when I am hungry, there is something to eat, at EZV. The ‘5 pm hunger pang’ is quite a common thing and one is glad to have just about anything. I am also grateful to EZV for all the food for an entirely different reason too. Sometimes, it prompts me to say no, when I don’t need it. While this may seem like a trivial thing to write about when one reminisces about a decade in the organisation, to me it is no less important.

In order that I not trivialise this matter, but also because this is something I genuinely feel about, let me add this. When I look back at all that I’ve got in the last 10 years, there are very many things that come to my mind. I have been making an attempt – however unsuccessful – to capture them. One of the overarching emotions though, can perhaps best be summed up with the following words –

अन्नदाता सुखी भव |

I realise that I may be among the few lucky ones to be provided with plenty. In a world where for the large masses, even a decent meal is a luxury, my existence certainly comes across as a huge blessing. In the last 10 years, I have always had more than what I needed. This has allowed me to live a comfortable, if not luxurious life. I am well-provided for, and I am grateful to EZV for this.



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