In most instances, I am likely to be listening more than speaking. It isn’t that I am silent. I do speak on some occasions, but in general, I prefer to minimise the talk. It is more so, when I drive. That is also partly because I find that driving requires a lot of concentration and I am unable to talk and drive at the same time. Here, by talk, I mean making meaningful conversation.

So here I was, driving from from Chennai to Bangalore, one sunny afternoon recently. One of my colleagues was with me, and evidently, he was more prone to talking. It suited me fine, as I would listen to all the things he would enthusiastically narrate to me- about work and otherwise. He was moving to Bangalore, and was supposed to lead a team of consultants from there. Each of them would work with schools, with the aim of transforming learning through Chrysalis ThinkRoom, the flagship product from EZV. It was a significant responsibility for the young chap. It was also evident that he realised it.

He happened to receive a call from who I guessed was a friend. From the kind of conversation he was having on the phone, I had guessed that it was an old friend and they were catching up on each others lives.

“I am still very much with EZV”, my colleague said.

<Silence, listening>

“Glad you called, by the way. I am moving to Bangalore. I was going to tell you and the rest of the gang there that I am back in this city after all these years”, he continued.

<Silence, listening>

“What do you mean why? I thought it would be nice to lead a team. And then I get to work with a new set of schools, in Karnataka, that’s why”, he said.

I am guessing, that was a response to the something like ‘why’ he was moving to Bangalore. I wondered about the quality of his response. He could have said many things, including “I have been transferred” or “I have been asked to go by the company” or even “As part of our restructuring, I am being deputed to Bangalore” and so on. He didn’t say any of these. The way he stated his moving to Bangalore, stood out to me.

No doubt, this reflects my colleague’s attitude. And knowing what I do of him, I have no doubt about that, because he is an extremely enthusiastic and energetic person. I was inspired by my colleague’s words, in those moments, I also wondered about EZV. It struck me that perhaps, EZV may have had some impact on shaping his thoughts and attitude towards work too. It is indeed to, in my case. In all honesty, I confess to being one of the most cynical persons I know of. And I am grateful to EZV, for keeping the cynic in me in check, in various ways. I can say with quite confidence that EZV has significantly contributed towards building a healthy, positive, uplifting attitude in myself – towards work, and life in general. Thank you, EZV.



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