Counting my blessings

A light bulb in my bathroom gave way. I wouldn’t be able to replace it unless I borrowed a ladder from my neighbour, because the roof was out of bounds. And I had to purchase a new light bulb of course! Within a few days, I had figured how to bathe in the dark. I kept putting off the replacement for months on end, until one day, when my mother visited me! I had no choice but to get the job done. Similarly, the top of a teapoy broke not months, but a few years back. In case you are wondering, the teapoy itself was left behind by a friend who was moving cities and had no use for it. It is still lying in my the house; I use the lower shelf that is made of wood, to pile used newspapers and so on. The rare guest to my house is usually fooled into placing something on it, thinking there it has a glass-top, unless forewarned by me. 🙂

I am not sure if these examples point to my laziness, or just the fact that I am frugal, perhaps in an extreme sort of a way. I’d like to think it is the latter. If there is one good thing I have learned from my parents, it is to live a simple life and have minimal needs. So when there was some elaborate renovation undertaken at our office premises recently, out of sheer force of habit, my mind wondered how much of it was ‘necessary’. I do admit that the idea of what a ‘need’ is, can be fairly nebulous and widely varying across contexts, and so I shall not tread that line.

I was reminded of these things when we finished some long meetings today, in what is called the ‘Innovation Room’. It is one of the 6, state-of-the-art meeting rooms we have at EZV now. This one is quite large, enough to accommodate a fifteen people with ease. It is well equipped in that it allows the most basic meeting related activities to be performed with ease. At the same time, it is also tastefully done. I don’t wonder any more if the renovation was strictly necessary. I am quite sure that I can do without it, but that’s just me. Yet, I have no doubt too, that every one of the meetings that I have attended left me with a good feeling, part of it doubtless being attributed to the ambience. Some years back, I wouldn’t have dreamt of such facilities in EZV. I am grateful to EZV for making best use of what we have, to provide employees with comfortable & pleasing surroundings to work in. I have no doubt that having had such facilities now, I may not fully realise their value. I fear I may take these things for granted. This is especially so because I have some sense of the kind of money the management may have invested in it, not to mention Chitra’s time in ensuring how tastefully it is done. Writing about it is my way of reminding myself to recognise my blessings and feel grateful.


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