Fun at work

Thrice we have been thrown that challenge, in my last ten years at EZV. Each time was on a certain occasion. The latest being on the 29th day of February, this year being a leap year. I am unable to recall the other two.

The challenge was seemingly simple. We were supposed to turn up to work in attires and / or looks that others had not hitherto seen us sporting. It makes me wonder if it is easier for the women to think of something. I have always felt women have the luxury of wearing different kinds of attires including multiple styles and colours. Not to mention the very many accessories that they can choose from. Compare this with the socially accepted dress codes for men and you know that us men have a raw deal.

So the very first time, I went down to the nearest jeweler. I had no intention of purchasing expensive jewellery of course, but I did have my ears pierced. To this day, I wear studs or rings and this is thanks to that challenge many many years ago. The next time, I sported an unlikely moustache. The third time was a moustache-less beard, considered quite radical by many for obvious reasons. The surprising thing was that every time, I started off thinking how difficult it is going to be for me to look different. And on every single occasion, I was awarded the prize!

I am glad to be pushed, but I shall write about that in perhaps more ‘serious’ contexts. I have run out of ideas, and the next time there’s a similar challenge, I am sure I won’t stand a chance. That’s not important either. While the nature of our work is itself highly engaging, I have no doubt that infusion of such elements adds a lot of colour to our work day. I may not myself need it, for I can go on and on, pretty much like a machine. And I even tend to be cynical about such things at times, for reasons I am unable to fathom. Yet I have absolutely no doubt that such things make a lot of difference to a lot of us. At times, perhaps including myself – even if that sounds contradictory. I am grateful to EZV for the regular doses of fun at work.


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