Say cheese

My colleagues around me are usually always smiling. It is more so with people who have joined more recently. Most of them are younger & tremendously energetic. Not that others don’t smile, but the general atmosphere of mirth surrounding these ‘kids’ is palpable. I say kids, because I feel much older. Feel, is the word to note. I have always felt old, ancient in fact, but I digress.

This aspect – people being of a pleasant disposition – is not entirely new to EZV. Nor is it a one-off occurrence. There have been several instances when people from the ‘outside’ – customers, vendors, guests and even prospective hires – have noted that if there is one thing common to all EZVians, it is their smile.

Interestingly, and perhaps ironically, I may be an exception πŸ™‚ (I add this smiley, quite deliberately, as I am smiling as I write this). Even after a decade of being in a such an atmosphere, I don’t count myself as someone who smiles often. Let’s put it this way – I am unlikely to be the first person that comes to people’s minds when they hear the word ‘smile’. And I am quite certain several of my colleagues will nod in the affirmative when they hear that!

I am grateful to EZV for creating an atmosphere where people can, and do smile. No doubt this is an attribute of the person, a reflection of his or her mind. Yet, I am fairly certain that EZV has played a significant role in adding smiles to people’s faces, multiplying them. This general milieu reminds me quite often, to take it easy – a reminder that I doubtless need. So when I pass by this group chattering away at lunch time, laughing, giggling, they ask me why I smile – wondering if it is something about them. I don’t tell them that I smile, feeling grateful for the much needed reminder.


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