A fine morning

I am grateful for the Reading Session we had today.

A Reading Session is something we do once in a while, at my workplace, an organisation called EZ Vidya. Essentially, it starts with circulating a paper to people who are interested. The paper could be a published research paper, an excerpt from a book and so on. Subjects usually revolve around school education, which is our chosen domain or around business & leadership, which is our chosen way of impacting the said domain. The people interested form a group and are then expected to read through the paper, with a critical perspective. One a chosen day, this group of people after having read the text (presumably, for there are always defaulters!) gets together and discusses the paper, poses questions to each other based.

Today, we read a chapter from the book called Creating Cultures of Thinking, by Ron Ritchhart. The paper posed some basic questions related to schooling and education, including the troublesome, yet immensely interesting one for me –

What should schools aim to achieve by way of education? (paraphrased by me)

After about 2 hours of fairly intense discussions, we were glad to be served breakfast. This is a bonus for the group, as we had to turn up for work at 7:30 am today, much earlier than we usually do. This is so that we could get a fair bit of time to discuss, and yet not eat into what is technically our ‘work time’. For me, the real bonus was not just the breakfast, but the lovely people, in whose company I could enjoy my meal today. And for this too, I am grateful.


I joined EZ Vidya on 6 June 2006. In exactly a month from now, I shall complete 10 years with ‘EZV’ as we fondly call it. In the larger scheme of things, ten years may seem like nothing. Yet, to those of you who may know me, the fact that I have been around in one place for so long may be a surprise. I wish to say, that that only speaks volumes for EZV. As a token of my gratitude, as well as by way of a humble tribute to EZV and this person who has been instrumental in several ways to its existence, I propose to write about the things that I am grateful for at my workplace, and perhaps beyond – one every day, for the next month.


4 thoughts on “A fine morning

    • That’s a new one :)’Just listen’ is discouraged, even within the team. We encourage people to read, and participate actively.

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