An end and a beginning

Another year passed by, and as it happens with many of us, I was wondering about making resolutions too. Over the past, many had been made and most of them forgotten. Some remembered, only to be broken sooner than later. This year, I was beginning to think it may be a good idea not to make any resolutions in the first place. After all, a new year, nay, time itself, is perhaps only a complex imagination of the human kind. For if one were really to resolve, why not do it now, at this moment, rather than wait for the momentous new year? My grandpa would tell me, in the context of the Hindu practice of looking for ‘auspicious times’ to perform certain actions, that to do a good deed, any time is a good time.
Perhaps I was turning cynical about new year resolutions, as about many other things. I wonder if growing up does that to me. Looking back, it seems to me that as time went by, I had grown more and more cynical about a lot of things in life. Almost. So this time around, I have resolved – to make some resolutions. And before that, to think about them well. And make them, when I have to, no matter what time it is.
It would seem that the key here is to think through things, spend time reflecting. Easy as it may sound, I have understood it takes a lot to just and think – and not ‘do’ anything else. Not think while making a cup of tea, but sit down, calm the mind, and reflect – for the sake of it. Perhaps, it is the quality of thinking that matters most. Quality of thoughts, and quality of words – do thoughts give birth to words or do words shape our thoughts? Both ways, perhaps, and so I am thinking I should get back to words. I do hope I will. And for good or bad, I am putting an end, for now, to something that I believe has been impairing my ability, or even the desire to communicate qualitatively, through the written medium.
Happy new year my dear friends – I did miss you all. But most of all, I missed this a lot more than I had realized.


19 thoughts on “An end and a beginning

  1. Happy New Year (today is the beginning of the rest of the year ahead!).So what are you putting an end to? Explain na.And ya, I know where I can contact you, most of the time, i.e.

  2. Missed you too. So much of what you said resonates with what I have been thinking. I have too come to the point, where I think I should make some resolutions and develop the discipline to see them through.

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