the holiday

a year sounds like a long time, and yet, it is at these times that one actually tends to think of it. and as always, when we look back, it seems to have passed, as if in a whiff, almost contrary to our perception of that time frame.
while i seek the wisdom to retain the good, and purge all the evil, the mind can’t help but feel bogged down, laden with the weight of the past, uncertain of the future, just knowing this moment, when i trod back, tired, of everything. of humans, mostly.
what the mind wants the most now, is some solitude. to be away. to experience the silence.
there is another part of the mind, that yearns to reach out to all those who seek. to give, and give it all, and not think about it once, nor look back.
there is supposed to be that state of being in the midst of everything, yet being perfectly alone – may be that is what is really sought.

a few days away. alone, yet not. time for some introspection. time to welcome another year, with arms wide open.

later, with more stories, thoughts, perhaps.


21 thoughts on “the holiday

  1. Trying to get away can be far more difficult if one’s thoughts weigh down on their shoulders…Hope you have a great year ahead..HAPPY NEW YEAR and praying that it brings fresh thoughts and lots of love and peace with it.

  2. my best way of welcoming the new year is fogeeting the past and really looking forward to the new year.And if you look back, u maybe focussing on isolated simple upsetting incidents and getting bogged down by those thoughts. when u take an eagles eye view of the year am sure it would have been a great one:)Have a super year ahead dharma:)

  3. I am very much physically alive Dharma. Thanks for looking out for me. 😛 I will be closing my blog out for readership. But in the new year I will continue to haunt your writings 🙂 Have a wonderful new year… may you continue to enlighten us lesser souls with your higher thoughts.

  4. Sometimes an year of 365*24 hours flies past so fast that there is no time for oneself. I feel like you do Dharma, just to be by myself for a change…. Happy New Year!

  5. Introspection is a great thing once in a month..I often spend time with myself everyday now and its a wonderful feeling..Have a great holiday and a wonderful year

  6. SINDHU,thank you, and warm wishes to you too.VEENA,warm wishes to you and loved ones too. thank you.GAZAL,oh yes, you can run, but you can’t hide – i know exactly what you are talking about.thank you for pleasantly persuading me to write all the time – it means a lot.warm wishes.PRATS,lots of love and peace is a wonderful thing to wish for.thanks, and a very happy new year to you too :)D,oh no it won’t, but then, it is also an excuse to rejoice, right?happy new year to you!JACKFRUIT,thank you, and will write something soon. happy new year to you too.UNPRETENTIOUS,new year wisdom, huh? ;)yes, a birds eye view is a good perspective to remind ourselves of every now and then.thanks, and may you have a wonderful year ahead too :)SMITA,thank you. i am not sure if the excitement was worth it, but i had a nice time getting to know you.thanks for taking time out. warm wishes to you.PHISH,amen to that. i am glad you are sure, for our thoughts make our days. a very happy new year to you too.VAIDYA_VAAKYA,happy new year to you too.MISS IYER,why does that comment sound so unlike the miss iyer i have known through her posts? :-|and – no soul is lesser. thoughts remain – i am not sure which ones are higher and which ones otherwise. i don’t enlighten, i am just a bum.a wonderful year to you too!SHINI,i did get to be myself. i felt free, and i didn’t care much for others. it did cause some pain, but i felt free.happy new year to you.BHUMIKA,thanks and a very happy new year to you and your loved ones too.ASH,thanks, and a very happy new year to you tooLAKSHMI,yes, time with the self is indeed a blessing.thank you, and a very happy new year to you too!

  7. SARA,welcome here!human tendencies, yes, and equally human to aspire to surpass those tendencies.thanks for dropping by, do come by more often :)MANASA,hear, hear!! well said, my dear friend…

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