The uprising

let us educate them. Coming from someone who believes that many problems, if not all the ones plaguing our society today, could be solved with education, this could well sound stereotypical. I do think otherwise, for I have thought about this quite well.

Let us create awareness. The worst problem mankind can face is ignorance. This is the Kali Yuga; it is supposed to be that way. That doesn’t stop us from doing what needs to be done though. Let us tell people what the problem is. The solution, well, nobody knows, but people need to know exactly what is happening, and how, and what the consequences could be, especially in the long run, if things were just allowed to be. I am not sure if people understand the gravity of the situation. Awareness works. It almost certainly would, in this case, for in spite of the repeated persecution that the people of this race has faced over several thousand years, this is certainly not something people would like – going out for a drink or dinner, and ending up getting shot.

Let us involve people in the security of the state. Let commoners – you and me – be actively involved in security related issues. Let the people be the source of intelligence to the state. The common man may not be a visionary, but he certainly knows what is good for him, and what isn’t. And killing innocent people is not something that would fall in that category of ‘good’, certainly not in my terms. So let them know – that we will not take this sitting back, as is wont of the people in our society. Let them know that this time, we’re up against them. Let us all stand together – not just in words. Let us not make this yet another essay, one that is confined to the limits of thought and then print – on a blog, or in a newspaper. I just might, because I just go about doing my work. I educate, and am saying it with a sense of pride. For once, I am giving up my modesty. And no, I remain to keep that thing about myself, I will always be, essentially a bum.

And so if anybody, the wise, the strong, the powerful – I am none of those – chooses to do something, do this. Get people together, get them involved. Let every sane man become more responsible, and more sensitive to the happenings in his immediate surroundings. Let us, together, flush out those filthy rodents from their holes. I am ready, I can do that much. It would not to be easy, mind you, gathering intelligence, by its virtue, is dangerous, and our lives could be in peril. But then, if we care one bit about the generations to come – look at all those innocent kids around, and you would begin to care – we must be ready to sacrifice. This will be a war, of the inherent goodness in people, versus the warped tendencies in some. I have always believed that war is inevitable – a world without war, is utopian. Wars have happened since time immemorial and in my opinion, they will continue to happen. What I despise though, is this act of cowardice in killing perfectly innocent people– for war has a certain code of conduct.

I am angry, as must be scores of other men and women of this country. I do not want to live in fear, not anymore. We can’t ask for an honest state. I think power almost always breeds corruption. But, let us all get together, and by sheer numbers, let us show the world that good will indeed prevail. It must, if not for anything else, for those who, even in times such as this, pray, hope, yearn, desire – call it what you want – for peace, and who truly believe in the goodness.


15 thoughts on “The uprising

  1. strong…the anger is almost palpable. true anybody would feel this way. Rightly said, we should not lay back and watch the world go to the wolves happy in our own selfish worlds. Education will help…education, not in the form of subjects but in the form of values. education that will help people ‘think’ instead of being ‘led’.

  2. hi.. i was waiting to hear from u abt this.. but thought the bum is taking his own time.. just like us all, who dealt with the news in their own peculiar ways and took time to come to terms with the massive destruction. i also believe education is the solution. education and food. i get wht u r trying to say, but not completely… like, what you have said abt intelligence and the common man’s involvement in it, if carried out at a big level (take for example soemthing imaginary called ‘the common man’s cadre’ couldn’t it end up being a state of the afraid, always on the edge and look out for the worse.. something like a 1984 scenario– quite possible, given the mean, opportunist governance we have. what do u think?

  3. I have thought about this too and agree with you that education would be able to solve a lot of problems for us. People often confuse education with literacy – they are not the same things. A literate person may not necessarily be educated. Most of our netas fall in that category. And the same netas need to be rejected for dividing this country on caste and religious lines. They trivialise our problems, including terrorism, and the people of India – a lot of them – accept it. An aware and educated public would never do that. If we can put pressure on the people who have the power to take decisions for an entire state/nation to act conscientiously, we might just be able to save ourselves.

  4. We always blame, we always curse, we always point-out mistakes – all of these – on “Others”. Who are they by the way? Who elected that Government leader or who skipped those elections? One may say, “Oh, I do not have control on all those matters..” The problem will not be solved through mere education and awareness. By saying that, we are overlooking the fact that these young ‘god-forsaken-useless-young-terrorists’ were also educated – but by a set of wrong people. That is a deeper problem to solve.You know what will happen by the awareness and education of the common man? It will only force them to think twice – pardon me, if I am talking from only one perspective – to go out for shopping, movies, malls, etc always in safety, to keep demanding this security and that security, to ask the government to create intelligent systems, to be well-equipped… oh what a useless rattle!If at all we need to educate, it is those unknown, young terrorist groups! Did I hear someone say – “hahaha!How insane, if we could do that….?” It is an inane thought, but that’s where the root of your “kali-yuga” lies! We have enough NGOs for poverty and abandoned children, we probably need several of them for these sick minds of our society. Then, it would not be awareness and education on security for the common man that is needed. It would be awareness and education on Humanity to the children of the world!

  5. I agree, I agree, I agree – But tell me, and I have been thinking really hard – what can I do at a grassroot level that can make a significant difference? Not blood donation or monetary contribution -s omething more long term

  6. The only positive that I see coming out of this is the citizen’s will to be more contributing towards the country than what has been happening thus far. The situation is ripe for a change, though unfortunately there seems no one to really lead the way.

  7. When you worry you make it double. This applies to the ideology of the terrorists. Anger and hatred when it fumes out, spells victory for the devil. The war is not with Pakistan, its against ‘the idea’.Vande Mataram !Jai Hind !Sujith

  8. Education is the key – i agreewar is the answer – i disagreeI agree wiht D that litreracy is differnt from educationi agree wiht SHINI that we need to be careful when identifying who “they” areI agree wiht SUJITH too that a war will only be the victory of the terrorists! Quite simply, we need to make it really difficult for extremists to brainwash young minds into thinking that they have been wronged.More importantly the establishement needs to bifurcate resources into sprucing up the inteligence and the security systems…

  9. It is really disgusting to see how little value human life is given by the incompetent politicians in India. I think we all want to do something about it. It is high time the public and the media start a national movement to end this misery and get the inept politicians sacked, some strong anti-terror laws passed and a better-crisis management infrastructure created.

  10. UNPRETENTIOUS,think, and also perhaps lead, those who want to be led, in the virtuous path.GAURI,hullo there!i did not mean a cadre or anything of that sort, but a general awareness among the members of the public, towards anti social elements – after all, there must be somebody helping these guys out.quite on the contrary, i think it will only make people more aware, more informed and hence unafraid.D,absolutely – a lot of the terrorists themselves seem literate, but possibly not educated.SHINI,your frustration comes quite strongly in your comment…!personally, i wouldn’t take the trouble of educating these folks – to me, those who can perpetrate such crimes are beyond redemption. also, in a world that is essentially running short of resources, i’d rather put some effort on the times to come – on others who want to be shown the way.awareness, to me, would instill fearlessness, and self sufficience – so that we may stop demanding systems from the government, but create human systems ourselves.SMITA,you can, for starts, participate in the education process – that would be my opinion. you could also pray – if you are a believer.the results wouldn’t be apparent immediately, but imho, they’re both actions that would have long term impact.JOLLYGABRIEL,long time no see!and thats a very fine observation – when the citizens’ will is sufficient – when most people want change, i believe a leader will naturally emerge.SUJITH,the war against the idea, yes. vande mataram, brother.CHUTNEY,when we keep wanting – when the yearning is burning our insides, the answer to your question i believe will emerge.ANON,i completely agree.POOJA,war is not the answer. it is, however, an inevitability.GAIZABONTS,we will, kind brother, amen to that.TUHIN,the media – i have lost faith in that one thing. blogging is probably the only form of it that i still am with.

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