an abridged biography of a nothing item

most people hardly pay any attention to me. some of the busy ones just step on me and move on in. there are the weird few, who deliberately avoid me at times. and then there are those, who consciously spend those extra moments, when the step, skid, thump their feet, and make sure it’s all well to step in.

i am wearing out, the edges are fraying, there are holes that have appeared here and there. i know i will be disowned once i stop serving my utility. after all, it is the nature of man to exploit and put to use – not just objects, but even animals, and fellow human beings, and then disown them when they no longer serve their purpose. have you not seen the scores of emaciated cows and bulls, after retirement, being bundled into a truck, on their way to the butcher house? i will quietly be dumped in the garbage can, from where i will probably go to a duming yard. thank goodness, i am degradable, or atleast i think i am, and so i will disappear into oblivion, without proving a burden, polluting the earth. i will be one with nature. and then there will be a replacement, another brand new one, may be like me, may be a little different – but one with a purpose quite similar.

it can get tiresome, when you are a doormat. as i go, i will only seek solace in the fact that i did my bit to keep the home a tad cleaner.


29 thoughts on “an abridged biography of a nothing item

  1. Hmm.. one of those days, you are also having eh?Same feeling I have been going through in the last couple of months!But yea.. I agree with the comment above… you should probly start living for yourself too…doesn't mean you should go all out & stop helping others.. Help others.. but not at the cost of yourself or your self-respect or your own happiness.Good luck – its just a phase.. and you will look at brighter things again!>:D<

  2. It’s such a simple, honest post. I loved reading it. But also interestingly, I wonder why you decided to label the post “me” ( but also “thoughts”) and why people think that the doormat is a metaphor for yourself.:D

  3. A nice surprise, this! I see it as a delightfully clever allegory of life. Born to a life, one of billions, with a purpose that seems equally as infinitesimal, we begin a toll-taking struggle to become aware of that purpose. At some point we may find a clue pointing to a divine culmination and perpetuation and our part in it. And so we begin a new, tiring struggle to keep ego at bay and be content with our small part, knowing it’s likely one of many small but important parts our souls will play indefinitely.Life’s weird, but it makes me smile, just as this piece did 🙂

  4. simple. my thoughts more or less line up with what Vasu has said. 🙂 also, the thing u have written abt the nature to use and throw somehow reminds me of Roy’s description in Cakes and Ale.. There are these paras abt in Cakes and Ale where it’s described how effortlessly and unapologetically he made acquaintances with people to suit his purpose.

  5. looks like somebody is very disappointed with this world… chillax buddy and don’t really take life to seriously… else it will pass you by and you won’t even know!! TC

  6. being a doormat…used, dirtied, shunned, and then discarded like it was never of great value in the first place….hmmmm…….nice. sorry for the silence. been dealing with everything but doormats in recent times. i know you have made quite a few trips to my end…been meaning to wake up and respond….its only now i did wake

  7. You inspire me to be implicitly candid so many times! I could only agree with all the comments from the blog readers. However, it is easier said than done, not to notice the ‘doormatish-taken-for-granted’ feeling’…however, your post is as interesting as ever…

  8. DEAR ALL,this post was meant to be an allegorical reference to life and the lack of purpose or the search for the purpose that i have felt (and i believe others would have too, at some point) at times. thought written in such a frame of mind, it wasn’t entirely a post on my personal experience.D,well, i guess so, but then there is also something nice about living for others. and then, we move on to living for a purpose, that is beyond ourselves.SINDHU,i hope the feeling doesn’t last in you too long – thanks a ton, and good luck to you too.SHANKARI,aap bhi na akka :DVASU,thank you, i am glad you enjoyed reading it. well, i picked the label me, because it was a momentary feeling that spurned me to write this one in haste. SINDHU,i had added the title as an after thought :)MD,yes, lots of good people around, i strongly believe its why the world is still sustaining.MISSALISTER,there you go again, literally stepping into my mind, and stringing words in a way i couldn’t have so well, had i chosen to convey my own thoughts.the play goes on, eh? am glad this made you smile, and believe it or not, this was a surprise for myself too…GAURI,cakes and ale, if i am correct was a fascinating story i had read a long time ago, and was it not written byt maugham?CHUTNEY,are they? rare, i mean?SAKHI,not so much disappointed with the world, as with myself, for aren’t we but a reflection of our own worlds? :)DB,no apologies needed for waking up – rise and shine :)SHINI,thank you. i do believe this blog is a place where i could be candid – may be because it saves my identity, i don’t know.MANASE,pretty much, thanks :)BHUMIKA,long time indeed, how have you been?UNPRETENTIOUS,emphatic statement that, and i can’t help but agree. and yet, even though it may be the nature of man, i also tend to balieve that only man can transcend his baser tendencies that we believe to be his ‘nature’…PS,indeed, it does!

  9. DEVIL,it is, to me, the nature of things. sadness is but our own superimposition on things, i feel.SUJATA,well, glad it was only rare :)LAKSHMI,sometimes, i think the more it happens, the more i learn about myself and the world, and that sort of reduces the frustration…GAURI,on the road is a joyous read for the free spirited!

  10. Well..I am not as good as you in expressing myself. Very good language command. I felt like this often when my sons went abroad and the communication was not as much as I expected. At the back of my mind, I knew, they were into a new world and had to settle down. It is long time now. I get these negative thoughts at the middle of the night, stay wide awake…when I get up in the morning, everything is so bright and I wonder why I was so upset! Now, I know the mornings will bring wonders! All the best.

  11. NITHYA,dear little one, sometimes, people feel like it, and we tend to blame ourselves. well for one – you can spologise. those who can understand, will. those who can’t, will sometimes understand in retrospect. in any case, don’t take life too seriously :)GAURI,left a comment on your blog!SANDHYA,firstly, welcome here.sometimes communicatin becomes hard, strange that, in spite of all the technologies available…i like the way you look at morning. am quite the opposite – i carry my lousy nights into the following mornings quite often, and sadly so!thanks for dropping by…OCEANIC,will look forward to that…VAIDYA,absolutely!HDWK,i can’t now remember where from, but well, it is but the truth, the way of the world, why dark? 🙂

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