The awakening

(and i used to think sms conversations were mundane and meaningless)

I am so happy having spoken to you…Long time I guess…Thanks pa!

So am I

That makes me wonder, in all honesty, are we all better off left alone, that we value these things when they happen once in a while? I don’t know the answer. I hope you are well.

There is no once in a while thing between parents and children. Everything is taken for granted. There is an article about rituals and surrender in the current issue of Frozen Thoughts. There they have meant surrender to God. Even surrender to parents is bliss, and at one time, becomes surrender to children. The cycle of life, simple. We think it is great if we question this. Sad.

Questioning is natural to people pa, to some a little more than others. Please do not deem it sad and cow it down, for it must, and will lead to goodness. Please keep the faith, as i try hard to. Sleep well, I love you.

The article is titled ‘The Awakening’.


38 thoughts on “The awakening

  1. Sometimes i wonder where our questions lead us to? somehow many of us (me too) seem to be attracted to something we dont know exists and seem to loose out of the present moment.Maybe instead of questioning, if we are able to accept and derive joy from what is going on, will that not mean happiness?

  2. Just as everyone liked one or other about this post, I liked the title – ‘The Awakening’ – perfect I say, if I were to go by my understanding of your post… 🙂

  3. Nice thought:) I think everybody takes everybody granted at some time in life, acoording to the situation, but mostly youth takes eveything for grnated and experience tells to value the people and things.

  4. It’s very ‘feel-good’thing to see that such conversations of depth can exist between parents and their offspring in an age where we talk about estrangement and alienation. You go, dude!!!

  5. hey,been good. work has me muddled and befuddled. so well in another plane altogether. but this song has me completely in its grip. so there. more than the movie the song has my vote. movie was nice. the song awesome.cheers

  6. Maybe it is not as much surrender as it is letting another care for you. It lightens ‘burdens’, provides for ‘reassurance’ among other things.

  7. 'Dialogue' is the most effective tool for learning as most of our learnings are acquired from people, rather than any other media. Hence the questioning helps brings great insights & so does reading blogs like yours :)Thanks for visiting mine!

  8. We have many awakenings during our life with our parents it’s dad, I didn’t know how smart you were until now. I didn’t know how alike we have become. I didn’t know how alike we have always been and one with all. Thanks for the post it got me thinking bout my late father

  9. DEAR ALL,pardon the delayed response. i’ve been, well, lets say too self absorbed ;)LAKSHMI,i didn’t say it u know :)missA,well, thats precisely what was meant i guess!MONSOON,:)UNPRETENTIOUS,the questions, to me, are check points, of looking within. problem is, we question and then look outside of ourselves, hoping we’ll find the answers.CHUTNEY,nope, not the first time :)MANASA,has anybody who we believe could have been so, ever claimed to have been so?SHINI,thank you – and let us derive our own joys and understandings :)DEVIL,well, i do not know if that is a compliment, but i sure know it doesn’t make someon very popular :)STARRY,yep, righto!RENU,i might tend to agree – there is something in the reckless nature of youth! welcome aboard, and thanks for leaving a comment – do come by more often!NABILA,:)GAZAL,balance, such a hard thing, no? good luck to you!SEEMA,welcome aboard and thanks! do keep coming by :)NOVEL,is anything that happens to anybody ever fit to be deemed meaningless?OM,to me, they go hand in hand, questioning and faith.and yes, it was a real convo indeed.YOGAL GAL,yes yes yes, i did check, with glee – thank you :)GAURIJI,been around, doing this doing that i guess :Pthank you.UNPRET,posted :)KESHI,i am good, thanks keshi!have always been fascinated by places where u can have a clear distinction in seasons – in our part of the word, it is summer almost 10 months, and about 2 months of rain :)USHA,matha jenmangalum irukkanga, believe me :)SHEK,thanks machi

  10. RAMYA,welcome here.yeah – it is feel good indeed, though i think things such as ‘the new age thing’ and ‘estrangement’ are simply being blown out of proportion. the world ain’t that bad a place. yet.DB,glad you liked the song :)thank you.ANIL P,i like your way of looking at things – thank you.VEENA,yeah, i talk only such things with dad :PPRIYANKA,thats the nicest thing you could have said. well, thanks! do keep coming by.OM,:) done, and thanks for checking!SMITA,yeah, it pays to pre empt. how have you been?GAMOL GABERE,thanks for dropping by, and am glad. YOGAL GAL,indeed, and so simple, yet so difficult, no?GAURI,will do, thanks!GAZAL,awakened – thanks for checking :)ARPITA,thanks, have done that one already.MONSOON,thank you – i have been ok. hope you start posting soon!SHINI,i would only attribute it to myself – but well, have posted 🙂 thank you, for dropping by and checking 🙂

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