the search
for a pen, that leads
the mind to explore
the rummage
of its thoughts whose numbers
even the very mind
the buzz
of the ceiling fan
keeps at bay those bloody voices
tearing away the inside
not at one go, nay,
but simply gnawing away
at what once resembled-
the irony
of finding a ‘notebook’
not a pen
the light glaring into the eyes
the fingers
searching tentatively,
for the keys
the words uncertain
they tumble
wonder why it’s me
that owes you one
so you think
so i am expected
to believe too-
do i
turn sick
or, do i
trust, that very mind
to ferry me
across this mire we call life?


13 thoughts on “reproach

  1. Trust the mind to ferry you across life….hmmm will be one hell of a ride given the vagaries of the vagabond mind. But hey, no harm sitting back and enjoying the ride for all its worth eh?I have been caught up in the humdrum of daily living. Good to know we can draw parallels from very close quarters. Makes us more understanding of our eccentricities than others who simply stand and stare.Let’s hope the mind doesn’t pull a fast one on ya. Take care.

  2. Its one of the most candid observations put in simplest of words in poetry! Its not a wasted attempt at all, aside from the fact that it shows your humbleness more than anything!Btw, the mind is like that monkey – jumping from tree to tree, never static in one place – as you might have heard our elders say 😀 On a serious note, many say that it is the mind that houses our souls and ironically so, is a prodigal in itself – the pattern of it being: “rebellion, ruin, repentance, reconciliation, restoration” !Take care.

  3. As with some of the things you write, I had to read this one three times to find that one line that clicked :DOn the third reading, I connected like you do with a writing of someone else, with perhaps an entirely different reference than with which the writer writes… it’s a somewhat abrupt breaking of lines that breaks the flow, but I really loved ‘wonder why it’s me that owes you one’..

  4. D,true thing about the mind. yet, i believe it is the same mind, when reined appropriately, that shows the way. the tool is only as good as the one who wields it, no?AKKA,not wavering. just a brash stroke of the pen (keyboard?):)DB,well i’m hoping that too, though the ride does seem tough at times, it is in retrospect that it always seems fascinating :)SHINI,thank you!interesting pattern, that, though i wonder if many a times we supress the rebellion, for fear of the consequences.GAURI,i don’t know if it means it is complicated or confusing – which certainly isn’t a sign of good writing, atleast not in my terms :)agree @ breakage of lines – i never was good with the poetry!MONSOON,sure will, monsoon, and you keep coming by and saying all the nice things u do 🙂 thanks!VASU,:)interestingly, the title was thought of much later.ROOP,welcome aboard! thanks for the compliment, do keep coming by more often.STANDBYMIND,welcome aboard, and thank ye!BHUMIKA,no? well, what do i say, but thanks 🙂

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