words are stifled
in the mishmash
of thoughts
of you
the mind falters
veers away from its course
of the pursuit of a reality
more imagined than real
the feet plod on
to a destination unknown
nowhere to go
yet they go on
the heart bleeds
in pain
yearns for that
illusory moment
of freedom
from a sorrow
seemingly perpetual
you came along
like a whirlwind
and left
took away
all I had
and more
a little bit –
of me.


29 thoughts on “vortex

  1. its definitely not a wasted attempt at poetry!if you wanna know what exactly can be called wasted you can peep into my blog sometime! :Dthe truth and purity of the feelings were evident in those few words bunched so well! 🙂

  2. “and all that was leftwas thee,your memories and the nightwhen you were last in sight…”Sorry for the shakespearen attempt, but couldnt help it… Your poem comes across as a gentle breeze…!Samma superaa ezhtheerkenga.. idhey maadri kavithai innum yedhirparkallamaa?

  3. illusory moment of freedom from a sorrow… great… this one was a little less fluid than the first ‘wasted attempt’ ( but u stop labeling such, all the same) the best part is, you seem to post a wee bit more regularly.. yay!! (also, there have been moments when believe in what Unpretentious has said, though a little less strongly and a little more philosophically.. like fifty years from now, how many blood relations would be left for me.. must be a new web of relations, illusions and stuff then..)

  4. CM,en parithavam? en vortex thaan en vazhkai :)VEENA,thank you!TK,thank you, but i was a bit late it seems – the invit seems to have expired :(MONSOON,strangely, monsoon, they seem to come out during the worst of lows. which is scary. for you want more poems, and i am pretty allergic to low times :)thank you ever so much!BLACK COFFEE,welcome to this space!it was indeed the truth, and heartfelt – i am glad u saw that..thank you – and do keep coming by. oh, and you’re not fishing for compliments, are you? 🙂 i mean, i did peep in, and i must say, you write good!SHINI,haha, sounds very shakespearean indeed :)kavithagal naan pothuvaaga ezhuduvadillai…muyarchikkiren – neengal virumbi ketkireergal allava.mikka nanri :)UNPRETENTIOUS,everybody leaves an impact.people come an dgo alright, but i don’t believe its only me that matters. such a thought would, cultivated by all, would make this world a lousy place to live in. not me – i don’t want to atleast. to me, everybody matters. i’d like to be that way…D,nothing.i don’t think there is any loss, in loving, if it really is loving without much wanting anything, including the feeling of being loved. that way, love is only triumph, joy unbound…GAURI,yes, a little less fluid – realised it after i read your comment. thanks for the genuine and wonderful feedback.the regularity, like everything else, is by chance. seasonal, perhaps :)ZEUS,thanks daBACKPAKKER,thank you!TACHI,glad you identified…its nice to see you here after such a long time.i am doing well, thank you and thank god! hope all is well?

  5. How very pure Dharma. And what a way to release it. Poetry! 🙂 I stumble upon your blog after months and look what you give me 🙂 So good to read your posts again!

  6. i am so fascinated with the little bit…the sorrow can build so well for a punch, a removal of power from the taker of all and more, for all and more was just a little bit…but more was taken than reported perhaps…or the whirlwind was seen as a potential relief from perpetual sorrow, only to be discovered to have been a mere whirlwind that glanced off and took as little as a glancing-off can take, just a little bit…or existing sorrow was so great that only a little was left to be taken…the little bit is everything…

  7. everyone maters to u? if u know someone is going to be hurt by something u do u may still do it becuase ‘u’ believe in it wont u? so ultimately is it not u who matters there? i didnt say at every point of time u matter the most to u but most of the time it is…that is human…

  8. IYER,its nice to see u here…u been one of those people who been around ages. and it makes me happy u are liking it, yet ;)thank you ever so much!BLACK COFFEE,:)MISSALISTER,i love the way you put things. yes, it usually is always a little more than the little bit!thank you!UNPRETENTIOUS,everyone matters, yet we do things…yes, you are right. at times, i think we are compelled, driven by some unseen force and we act but in a feeling of powerlessness.also, at times, somethings happen. it is we who go about believing in the ‘doing’. and even if we do, i think something ought to be done – it is not coz we are important or others are – but that it has to be done. for, whats is, is more important than us.human? nothing, to me is human. for human is limitless.PINK,thank you!ANON,thank you!HDWK,is it?GEE,awwww!!! am sorry if it has that kind of an effect…

  9. Hi there–found you from devil-mood and veena.Not a wasted attempt at poetry at all.It’s really nice.I love poetry and this one manages to capture the despondence, the helplessness, the love–all rolled into one–and I know how difficult that is as I write potry myself.Well doneCheersPsBy the way, i have lived in pondicherry too. I loved the place.:)

  10. BUSY BEE,thank you!thanks for dropping by here, and do keep coming more often :)PS,welcome aboard! so interesting to have found u – another soul who identifies with pondicherry. the place does have some vibes eh?thank you – i sat and wrote it all in one go – am glad u liked it.do keep coming by more often – your comments are much appreciated 🙂

  11. Thats a nice poem you’ve written. Very vibrant and brilliantly incisive.I loved what you have written. Thanks for dropping by mine :)Regards,Balu

  12. REETA,thank you!BALU,welcome here. i was curious – because we’re namesakes, and so dropped by. and was i glad!thanks for dropping by – do come by more often 🙂

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