friend of my bosom

even though i don’t read too much poetry, i was reminded of one of the few poems that i have read and much enjoyed, and very closely related to.
the reminder came after the following sms exchange with one of my friends –

bum: dude, that absolute feeling of comfort, of taking for granted, one doesn’t get with too many people apart from family. you have given me that, and I can’t express gratitude in words. take care, my dear friend.

the dude: is this the bum getting sentimental? chill dude, I am family 😉

anyways, the poem is here for you, in case you haven’t read it already –

The Old Familiar Faces
by Charles Lamb

I have had playmates, I have had companions,
In my days of childhood, in my joyful school-days,
All, all are gone, the old familiar faces.
I have been laughing, I have been carousing,
Drinking late, sitting late, with my bosom cronies,
All, all are gone, the old familiar faces.
I loved a love once, fairest among women:
Closed are her doors on me, I must not see her –
All, all are gone, the old familiar faces.
I have a friend, a kinder friend has no man;
Like an inmate, I left my friend abruptly;
Left him, to muse on the old familiar faces.
Ghost-like I paced round the haunts of my childhood,
Earth seemed a desert I was bound to traverse,
Seeking to find the old familiar faces.
Friend of my bosom, thou more than a bother,
Why wert not thou born in my father’s dwelling?
So might we talk of the old familiar faces –
How some they have died, and some they have left me,
And some are taken from me; all are departed;
All, all are gone, the old familiar faces.


20 thoughts on “friend of my bosom

  1. I couldnt help feeling exactly the same way as you do… It’s a very good poem and such are your posts, that wakes one up from the monotone of Life! Keep posting… 🙂

  2. i just remember reciting the line ‘the old familiar faces’ in a sing-song way in school… 🙂 nice to read the entire poem again… and good friends, they fill in the gaps at the right time, right place.. touchwood..

  3. Mmm, yes… Lamb’s poem would as well remind me to embrace, appreciate, enjoy the lives I love here and now… LOL! You’d think we humans wouldn’t need reminders about something that important, that obvious, that the Now we have, the Next, we may not… Humans, uff!

  4. Beautiful poem…thanks for sharing. I’ve been given the Excellent Blog award and I’m very happy and honored to pass it on to you!

  5. it’s true….only a few friends last forever….others ‘all are gone all are gone’and the remaining are the ones worthy of being called ‘friends’.

  6. Beautiful poem. I like the small scent of nostalgia here. It’s something that’s been on my mind almost all the time for the past year or so. There are very few who last forever and somehow, you always know instinctively who they are right since the beginning. At least, that’s been the case with me. 🙂

  7. Interesting! For a bum that thinks and feel that the ol’ beggar woman on the street is family… to ponder over why someone couldn’t have been born in the same family as his… I thought the bums didn’t need to have blood-relations with anyone to call him/her family, no?Very thoughtful poem btw Dharma 🙂

  8. very touching…yes, one can never take anyone else for granted except family..that feeling of comfort can only come with someone who can love you for what you are:)amazing poem…brings back a lot of memories of friendship, love, fun and all the nice things which i ve been fortunate enough to experience in life.. thank u for sharing it dear friend

  9. AKKA,you too ok! :)CM,yes, it does. i wonder if someone actually sang it or something on similar lines. i listen to a little bit of rock now and then, very selectively, but am not so much INTO it :)SHINI,aw, thank you. i am amazed that my posts do such profound things as ‘waking up’, or atleast by the way u have put it down.will keep writing!GAURI,touchwood!i’d never read it in school. much later, and it stuck.VASU,yup!MISSALISTER,oh yes, us human are complex no doubt, and paradoxically, like u say, we seem to need reminders of the most important things in life. the power of maya, if we may attribute it to that – the illusory thoughts!ASH,i am EXTREMELY honoured, specially coz it comes from someone whose work i admire thoroughly. thank you vey, VERY much.MONSOON,alone, my dear friend. bums aren’t lonely. bums always find other bums, yet go to sleep alone, enjoy the aloneness, i am not afraid of the loneliness. honestly.PHISH,good to see you too, brother!GAZAL,absolutely!DEVIL,hey, thanks! if it isn’t heartfelt, i seldom say it, and yet, i believe that if you feel something you mustn’t say it and tarnish the feeling.what a paradom this bum is! :)DRENCHED,its never been the case with me. i make friends with most people, and i never figure who is what and who will stay, sometimes, it doesn’t seem to matter.IYER,u always get me! u ask me questions for which i have no answer.lets see,,,we don’t need, its true. oh, and wait, it was charles lamb wondering about family.i’d sure like to think of the whole world as one big family, though i doubt if i am capable of it right now.ANON,good things sure are meant to be shared, aren’t they? you’re much welcome, and thank you too!PS: who ever is this, oh regularly anonymous comment writer? :)SHEK,so u got a blog, i see. why wud you not tell me?and balls to the thanks! chill dude ;)NITHYA,love u too. lots da.

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