ticking away…

She: “the book reminds me of a special someone. his days are numbered too.
(referring to ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’)

Bum: “well, aren’t all our days numbered? some people seem more aware, conscious, what would you say, sensitive of the fact than others.”


20 thoughts on “ticking away…

  1. i’m usually very aware of my own mortality. it makes for agitation and philosophical rants. it also makes for a certain kind of letting go. it’s a cyclical experience, like life itself.

  2. Nice volley, Bum!That we can see no “You Are Here” arrow on the map between birth and death could be seen as a relief. On the other hand, it’s a concern because we know the arrow is there. We have little choice but to act as if what we do with that limited information determines the quality of our aliveness…and then to us, it really does, until such time in life or death it matters not.

  3. The book is truly moving. And I second DevilM on this! Although all our days are numbered, we don’t consider it so much as we do the air we breathe everyday, every moment. But for some, their days are numbered more by the hour or minute; each passing minute more precious than the last. If anything, I think its ok to respect that and give it a few moments of thought at least.

  4. All our days are numbered… Yet it depends on our choice of counting…when we go thru’ the process we add value to our emotions.. i feel emotions are just emotions.. and we take our peace out of us by adding value to the emotions…

  5. i think its all about watching ourselves consciously, acknowledging us and owning responsibility for ‘the now’ even before trying to reflect on our actions

  6. I think its funny that everyones afraid of/conveniently ignore the one thing thats inevitable.But accepting it is so hard, I’m not too big a fan of death, never have been. why is something so simple so hard?

  7. uff! she must ve said tht in a totally different context, and ur answer seems very philosophical, almost irritating (if u actually said tht in response, i.e… thinking is different, though) sometimes simple expressions need a simple, immediate response..

  8. DEAR ALL,i had not meant to offense anybody here. i mean, i am sensitive to the fact that some people actually know about the impending death, and it makes things a lot different.this thought came up precisely for that reason. why is it that it strikes us only when we actually are told of the count down, where as , in reality, we’re all counting down?JENNY,yes, liked it tooDEVIL,true, and it is your comment that made me right the general response above :)VESPER,a cyclical experience eh? it sure helps me let go, yes.MISSALISTER,the quality of our aliveness, what a veautiful thought, as always. we hardly ever think of it, much as we may do for the quality of everything else!MISS IYER.i wish we consider it in the same breath, everyday, every moment, is all i meant.ANON,accept or not, its a fact :)SMITA,so much to do, right! not sure about the rebirth bit though, coz it is supposed to also imply a certain evolution, and when i look at myself, i am worried if any of that is happening :)HDWK,that is exactly what i was questioning. should the number make a difference?D,:)GAZAL,do read, do read.ANON,yeah, add no value to emotional crap :PANON,watching huh? yes, its an interesting thought. i wudn’t always reflection in retrospect though… to me, continuous wathcing is also, in a way, reflection.IWOBM,:)ARTI,:)CHUTNEY,i don’t think it is as hard as we make it out to be. i think its our ignorance that makes it that way.nobody is a fan of death. you need extreme levels of eccentricity to be that. you must read up about aghoras. helps u overcome the fear of death :)GAURI,yes, point well taken 🙂

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