the illusory silence
of the unending night
the darkness outside
not a soul in sight
the grey cloud of cigarette smoke
visible in the shaft –
of light from the streetlamp outside
the incessant noise
of the voices inside
tearing through the heart
in spite the apparent quiet
the myriad thoughts
of people from the past
of grief, of lust, of anger, of haste
oh, what a waste
the exhausted attempts
at reconciliation, all in vain
the searing pain
the general distaste
arising from familiarity
makes me wonder, what it is I sought,
that has resulted in this nought –
in the mind
it has come to a halting grind
others one could blame
but that would be lame
inward I look, and find my brother
the constant bother
and all I can do,
is to make a simple request, without much ado
“oh regret, let me go please, won’t you?”
the most manifest sign of wisdom is continued cheerfulness
– michel de montaigne


25 thoughts on “nothingness

  1. Aaaaw, hope its good to have it out of your system now. Like someone said theres nothing like a poem to get over all those intense feelings though that was perhaps said in the context of love poems! Take care and display your wisdom through your cheerfulness. Hugs

  2. The backdrop, the buildup of darkness, futility, tension…and the grace, the release, in one swift line. The result of putting pen to paper, fingers to keyboard…a religion that saves the soul.I’m with gauri gharpure. And in appreciation. 🙂

  3. the incessant noise…the myriad thoughts…of people past….beautiful and so identical to what i have felt and written about oft. i know eggzactly what you mean!

  4. You have been tagged!!!You need to write 7 random things about yourself and tag 7 or more people to do the same. You may need to leave comment in their blogs so they know.If you have been tagged on this before – 7 new things then! 🙂

  5. ANON,nothing mysterous, really.AKKA,it was good, for the time i’d written it. but then, saala always keeps coming back to me, my dear brother :)GAURI,a poem that guided me? well, thats an interesting thought now. coming to think of it, thats probably it. wow! thanks.yes, i did stay away from them, and still do. this was an impulsive sort of an outburst :)MISSALISTER,thank you, so much!it is the futility, that bites more often than not.D,keeps gnawing, sure does.DB,hehe, i knew you would know. which i why i came and requested you to read!thank you.ANON,words of wisdom indeed. yes, no denying it is what we create.who is this, am just curious!SMITA,er…well..:)DEVIL,i tried, thanks :)ADMIRATION,well, you have to let go too, then!NAVEEN,thanks!HDWK,glad u liked it :)GAZAL,attempting to drive them away, lets see…VITRUVIAN,thanks!JENNY,thank YOU!PHISH,thats one of the coolest comments i’ve gotten. coming frmo you, i’ll cherish it for a long long time. oh, and i’ll wait for the day when u turn publisher!BACKPAKKER,thank you…

  6. It is not a wasted attempt at poetry…your poem is very visual and deep. Enjoyed reading it. It is only agony that results in creatvity. And I love the quote about wisdom and creativity…it will go into my little book of favourite quotes.

  7. Hi! It took me at a place I often visit during odd hours at night, it took me deep within myself …inward I look, and find my brotherthe constant botherand all I can do,is to make a simple request, without much ado“oh regret, let me go please, won’t you?”GBUArti

  8. Hey, that was good,I liked the first 4 lines and the last 4 the bestinward I look, and find my brotherthe constant botherand all I can do,is to make a simple request, without much ado“oh regret, let me go please, won’t you?”

  9. SADHANA,as always, a pleasure to have you here.thats an interesting comment though, the fact that agony leads to creativity. i was truly agonised when i wrote it, and am wondering that there must be some truth thank you!MISS IYER,good at wasting attempts, you mean? thank you :)ARTI,it serves us some good to go there once in a while, doesn’t it?VEENA,thanks!GAURI,i shall remain eternally grateful for your prompts. have posted! thanks SO much for being here all the time.*hugs*

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