is this love?

They say a phone call can make your day. I wouldn’t have agreed, if not for today. In my case though, it was I who made the call.

I had forgotten, and ended up calling much later than I had to meant to call. It was still early morning, so I was glad I did remember in time.

Only those who know him, really know him. Beneath the tough exterior, beneath those layers that sometimes come across as stoic, at yet others, as unemotional, is one of the softest hearts I’ve ever known. Softest, I say, because I’ve seen him weep like a child. That was many years ago, when he lost his own mother.

“Thank you da”, was all he had said.

And I could read beyond the lines. I could sense that emotion, which he almost always represses, as many other men are apt to do. They were only two words that came out of his mouth, but were enough for me to feel what was in his mind. He is my father after all.

There was a brief period of silence. We were both listening, soaking in the moment, I suppose.

“May you guys have many more pa. I am personally quite amazed. How long has it been now – 28 years?”

“Yes. And all thanks to your mother for it. Hang on; she’s just waiting to talk to you”


An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered. – GK Chesterton


26 thoughts on “is this love?

  1. “Yes. And all thanks to your mother for it”- Wow! Such a simple but amazing acknowledgement.I always wonder if our generation will ever have the good fortune of celebrating such anniversaries.

  2. Touching post!Haan … yahi pyar hai!!I know, I am late …belated wedding anniversary to your parents :)Unko Arti ka pailaagoo bhi bol dena.“Yes. And all thanks to your mother for it.Acc. to me it is a very romantic thing to say :)GBUArti

  3. unbelievable ability to touch me right to the heart. straight through the skin, tissue, muscle and whatever.i wish them a happy anniversary. and also wish you’d be more regular. bum.

  4. 28 years of married life !! That neednt be because of love, but when he said :”Yes. And all thanks to your mother for it”- reinforces the love between them.Wish them from my side.

  5. Beautiful ! I’v done things to surprise ma folks and it’s been a wonderful time. But, things like this, which seem simple, yet turn out to be a smashing success, really impress me.Totally totally beautiful. And as usual, very beautifully written in a simple few words.A happy happy anniversary to mom and pop !

  6. Everyone has said it all already. As a straggler, late to the anniversary party, I agree. The quality—your ability to transfer depth—is as good as writing gets. It’s funny, this thing with fathers, these men of few words, who appreciate that mothers are the ambassadors of the soft stuff. Your interaction with your father reminded me of one of Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion skits where a son calls his father to talk to him on Father’s Day and his father keeps trying to hand him over to his mother! Here’s the link to the audio:

  7. GAURI,:)TRINNIE,a love that has grown, rather, and yes, it ought to feel good i suppose.Z,thank you!IYER,thanks!ARPITA,yes, i was amazed at the acknowledgement.our generation sure is thriving on instant gratification, but well, there sure is hope!DEVIL,thank you. i had written exactly what had happened – at least that was the attempt.REETA,thanks!NOVEL,it is your beauty in your eyes, that perceives the beauty around. and if i do have beautiful people around me, its just my good fortune.thank you ever so much for your wonderful words.AKKA,:)VITRUVIAN,yes, love is beyond words can define, i agree.thank you!SUPERNOVA,thanks!DB,thanks!ARTI,thank you. he is quite a romantic, just doesn’t come across as anything like it.HDWK,i just write. the intention is an outlet, thats all. that it gets you thinking only speaks highly of you, my dear friend.BACKPAKKER,thank you!PHISH,:) bum. yes. your frequent prompts for me to be more regular certainly help, thanks my dear friend!CHITRA,i guess so. i mean, yes, we’ve seen marriages hold on for the sake of it, haven’t we? and yet, i am not able to say if thats a good thing or not.thanks!ANIL,thats a wonderful thought. reminds of this book called einstein’s dreams.thank you.IWOBM,thank you thank you thank you :)NAVEEN,thanks!D,yes, there is a certain beauty and depth in subtlety. thank you!MISSALISTER,i am floored by your comments, really.yes, fathers are a little hard to read, funny in a way, but amazing guys nevertheless!thank you so very much, my dear friend. for being here, and for saying kind words, always.oh, and thanks for the link too!PRIYA,thank you so much 🙂

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