Please forgive me

this is not about that mushy song. this is about me.

And please…

do not love me.
for i can never love me the way you want me to.

do not listen to me.
i talk shit most of the time.

do not refuse.
for i may not be around to offer you something again tomorrow.

do not you expect me to understand you.
i am finding it hard to understand myself in the first place.

do not walk away.
there may come a time, when i may not bother to call you back.

do not miss me.
the bum is in all probability, busy bumming around, as always!

do not ask me if i miss you.
the bum simply doesn’t miss you, or anybody else.

do not crave for exclusivity.
the bum believes in inclusiveness.

do not ask me if i remember.
for some people, somethings are best forgotten.
for the bum, most things ARE forgotten.

do not apologise.
i hardly hold a grudge.

do not worry.
ever seen anybody worry about a bum?
they come, and go, and hardly anybody knows!

but please,

do NOT distrust me,

it is something i find hard to digest.


24 thoughts on “Please forgive me

  1. twice the comp conked off just when i ws typing a comment here!!!anyway, I never knew of bums who bothered to chalk down dos and don’ts… u r the first!!!:D but given the points u chalked out, they fall well within the traits of a bummism (if there are any /many traits, i.e.) and if, life does confine to these points, wondering might it not turn out to be fearfully lonesome?… anyway, pleased to see u back!

  2. Raw honesty here Bum!You sound like a nightmare to every girlfriend, if I may be honest too but some people just aren’t meant to be tied down. I don’t think I am neither.I still love you though, even though you ask not to.

  3. nice!..@devil mood..that’s a strange thing u said, coz this poem is exactly what my guy would have written when given a pen n paper!a typical guy is like that-free-spirited.and i’ve almost typed a post!

  4. You ask a lot and promise little.In America we’d have little use for that.But in other places we could trust you, maybeeven love you, in the unconditional sense,as little as you allow.My second reaction: very nice (as if you care);-)

  5. sometimes this window just pops open, gives me something to smile about and then just as quickly pops shut :-/hey kiddo, I do accept your terms n conditions (maybe cuz I know I’ll always be excused even if i transgress the T & C)be good

  6. ah! lot of that rings true for me….u said. your being able to relate to even my colour combination made me sit up and then you come up with this one!let’s keep at those deja vu moments and smiles.and maybe then we shall finally do away with the shroud of mystery.keep at it.

  7. MISS IYER,i meant distrust, not disturb.. thanks :)CHITRA,:)Z,absolutely – acceptance is so hard for some z. it is very gracious of you. thank you ever so much.GAURI,:) πŸ™‚ well well, thats an interesting observation – bums who chalk down dos and don’t :)alone yes, lonesome, i don’t know, and so far, it has been far from fearful. when it gets so, all i need to do is get out to a tavern and look for more bums :)SMITA,no cynicism was meant, it was just what i felt like that day.oh, and yes, supreme bliss in bumming around!DEVIL,bang on – i certainly am a nightmare to girlfriends. its always been trouble, for them, and me! sad, but true.awww…i love you too, devil, very much! i ask those not to love who i feel talk about other things in the name of love!ELUSIVE,thanks, and welcome to this space!@ your reference to devil – i doubt if there is any such thing as a ‘typicl guy or girl’…we’re all so darned different and unique, its what makes the world an interesting place.MISSALISTER,i’d like to come to america someday.of course i care – thank you, welcome aboard, and please keep dropping by!BUDDY,welcome, and thanks!GAZAL,:) its a phase. it recurs. and i bum on! thanks for being around!JOLLYGABRIEL,expecting to be left alone. and yet, expectations only lead to misery, the buddha was a miserable evening, and lots of brooding that lead ti it :)TACHI,so good to see u after a long time! yes, that one was my favourite too :)JACKFRUIT,hmmm…asking for anything always is hard, buddy.ADMIRATION,yes, when i read your comment and reflect, thats how it seems. even asking not to do something is expectation i guess.thanks for these words – shortcomings, there are plenty, but the resolve to overcome them remains, and is strengthened by such reminders…ARPITA,do we? :)D,demeaning it is. more so for me, for i tend to trust even strangers and bums πŸ™‚ AKKA,with you akka, there isn’t, nor shall be, anything to good? how boring can that get!!DB,glad to hear you could relate.where is the shroud of mystery though? πŸ™‚

  8. this should have been posted 2 years back sakha. are you just realising/awakening or did you know it all along and people around you are/were very dense.nevertheless thats being as always

  9. BINA,honesty is difficult, and i am trying hard as ever.i don’t know if i knew it all along…this was an outpour, i don’t know what exactly triggered they say, theres a good time for everything!

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