little did i think…

…that this space here, this tavern, as i fondly refer to it, could do so much to me.

the reflections – mine, and those of the many wonderful souls that pass by here.

the emotions – that i make a pathetic attempt at putting across in the most limiting agents they call words.

the love – that i feel in your presence.

the kindness – that shines across through your own footprints here, that some of you leave ever so beautifully, with the very same words.

the oneness – that i share with all of you, even though through mere glimpses of our lives and thoughts – parts of which we choose to record in our own litttle taverns – and serve the same with all love and humility to other passers by, myself being one of them.

the gratitude – that i feel everytime i am here or at one of your taverns.

the madness – that defines each of one us, the way we are, that also prompts me to sit down, and write this post at 3 AM, a post that i never really ‘thought’ about.

PS: i’ve written about it but the reference to blogs as taverns is inspired by Madhushala, by Harivansh Rai Bachchanji


15 thoughts on “little did i think…

  1. lol. Most posts that we never give a “thought” about.. happen at 3 ‘o freaking clock in the morning Dharma! I’ve been there too. :PYou too have a smashing 2008! 🙂

  2. aaahhh…u use this limited medium of expression very well indeed…the only thing i can actually say to this post is …ditto…right back at u…never realised when this place and the ppl here became so importantcheers!

  3. IYER,hmmm, i guess so. thanks :)ASH,thanks and you too!D,glad u identify…a happy new year to you too, thanks!VITRUVIAN,thanks, am honoured :)it has become special, hasn’t it?cheers rahega.GAURI,thank you :)Z,a very happy new year to you and your family too.thank you – your comments are much valued.TTOT,welcome aboard! thanks for dropping by.warm new year wishes to you too, do keep coming by 🙂

  4. SMITA,may i be treated with more bummy adventure that i can share with u all. amen :)thanks, new year wishes to you too.NANDITA,thanks and warm wishes to you and your loved ones too..

  5. Oh I love the way you finish it – the madness! It’s a great madness blogging and the best part is it helps us connect with twin souls all over the world. I’m so glad I found you! Happy 2008 🙂

  6. DEVIL,oh, the sweet madness of it all, love you for loving the last bit, my dear twin soul.and i’m equally glad to have found up, if only a lot more. warm new year wishes and hus to you!ADMIRATION,i have no idea how to collapse comments or the likes.i hope, i always reply to comments. i am sorry if u have posted something and it has disappeared, for i have no idea how that might have happened.if i have, in some cases not replied, it has been entirely inadvertant. please do keep coming by – love to hear from you always, whoever this is :)PINK,never been a fan of baileys, but well, what the hell. sure deal! cheers!!

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