from crow shit to Cosmic Intelligence

Little birdie in the sky,
I looked up and it shat right in my eye,
I didn’t laugh, I didn’t cry,
I just thanked god that cows don’t fly.


I was reminded of this little rhyme I had read some place, I don’t remember where. I don’t even remember it verbatim, but this is good enough I guess. There were differences of course. It didn’t drop right in my eye. And more importantly, I didn’t thank god. In fact, I was cursing, frowning and complaining. It was when I just stepped out for my morning smoke at work. I was feeling nice and fresh, at least physically. The smell of the deodorant had not worn out, yet. What was done was done, and do I was wondering how I’d go about cleaning up.

And then I got thinking. Most events fall upon us like crow shit. They happen when we are least expecting them. Or they happen when we are expecting something completely otherwise. Expectations…they make us so miserable. We know it, and yet we can’t stop expecting. From happenings, from other people, and from life in general.

Somewhere, I guess I tend to attribute the events of my life to my own actions. It isn’t entirely wrong – for we do shape what we think to be our destiny. Or atleast that’s what the atheists seem to profess. Then again, there is something more to it. Why am I born blind, if I were indeed born blind? This is more metaphorical. I can see, physically. In most cases, I can see beyond that too. And yet, I turn a blind eye to what I perceive to be the truth. Now, why would it be that way, I wonder?

I digress. In ‘Forrest Gump’, he says, “Shit happens”. So when things happen quite unlike we want them to, how do we react? I can remember how often I have asked myself, in vain, “Why is this happening to me?” Or heard from others, how they have always been denied the things they have loved / wanted.

In pain, in pleasure, in good times and bad, I have decided to accept the events of my life, as they are. I may not understand why things happen to me, but I have utmost faith in the Cosmic Intelligence. I know whatever happens must have a reason, aspects that all fit into the jigsaw in the larger scheme of things. In Vedanta, this is called prasada buddhi – the attitude of accepting everything in life as a divine blessing.

I am grateful for all that has happened to me, and for all that is yet to come. I am grateful for what we call life.


25 thoughts on “from crow shit to Cosmic Intelligence

  1. hmm, very profound…reading this makes me ponderwhen my kid’s guts were blocked for the second time, all I prayed for was shit to happenso all you who crib about shit happening, just learn to be grateful for it, cuz if shit did NOT happen the consequences are FAR worseevery day, we rejoice and celebrate, and at the midst of all of it, shit just happens! Cosmic Intelligence, Mr DharmaB.

  2. I love how you make your readers sit back and think about the most fundamental things about life… the things that happen everyday and the things we take for granted! :)Keep writing Dharma, you have no idea how much you make us think!

  3. I want to believe in that too. There MUST be some kind of intelligence or something so much bigger than us and our solar system. It has to be, it’s impossible otherwise lolI love Forrest Gump but do you remember what he also said? “My Mumma always said life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!”This has to be my favourite quote ever 🙂

  4. Great post Dharma!**I may not understand why things happen to me, but I have utmost faith in the Cosmic IntelligenceThat is so well-said. I agree with that 100%.Altho Im not truly glad abt some things that hv happened in my life, Im glad I grew from those experiences.Keshi.

  5. Shit happens, and there must be a reason for why it does. But so often, it just isn’t apparent. I hate those times when I can’t understand why this is happening to me. And does life give us a choice but to accept everything it doles out to us?

  6. Yup, he also said “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get when you stick your hand in.”Every thing does happen for a reason… every thing that happens is a small, yet crucially important, link in the chain that leads to our destiny (for lack of a better word), or whatever is meant to ‘be’ in our lives… Think of what would have happened if that crow hadn’t shat…It’s good to read you after such a long time.And thank you for cheering me up/on.:-)

  7. a strong message u conveyed here .. everyone knows it , but it’s not easy to thank god when things don’t go as per plan ….beautiful little rhyme … will try to memorise it … might come in handy ..just in case the birdie chooses me next time..:-)

  8. AKKA,thank you hadn’t looked at it that way – i mean, at shit not happening. very interesting perspective, as always.MISS IYER,the fact that you ponder over whats written only speaks of you, you know.but yes, i shall certainly endeavour to write more, thank you so very much for always being there to read :)DEVIL,i like the use of capitals – it MUST be true – absolutely – its beyond logic. it appeals to the intuitive mind.@ quote – its beaitufl, i hadn’t actually remembered it. rather being the bum i am, i remember what i had to remember. don’t eat chocolates anyways :)KESHI,thanks mate! D,i’d suggest we not try hard to understand – quite simply put, it may just be beyond our comprehension. after all, we’re but a speck.and yes, life certainly gives us a choice – look around and look at all the people who are miserable inspite of everything they have. isn’t that out of choice?HDWK,glad to see you here after ages. hope ur health is good, and ditto for the little one. take care.DEEPTI,beautifully put – really. links that are crucially important. wow! love you for pleasure, always.NAVEEN,saw that thing on a card or something, liked it so much it just got into my head :)not at all easy – but its easy to atleast wait and be patient in the faith…

  9. You face, you learn, you grow.And then you face some more ;D I had heard once – Do not ask God to keep you away from troubles. Ask for the strength to face them.

  10. I agree that all is a divine blessing. Or, everything happens for a reason. Why did the little birdie shit on you? You are the chosen one! LOLI hear it is good luck.An esthetician is someone who cares for the skin of your body. At my spa we use the title skin we are skin specialists…not skin doctors though.We perform skin treatments to your face, hands, feet, and body. This includes aromatherapy massage, herbal wraps, etc.Hope that answered your question. Thanks for stopping by my blog!xoIndigo Blue

  11. but remember, the best way out is to “keep your mouth shut when in deep shit” – one of those hitherto sms’s…but my take is, if you know what’s going to happen, or that there’s going to be no shit happening to you, then there’s no point in living – you wouldn’t have to spend all those hours pondering whether to step forward or back and the remaining on thanking your stars or writing a post about how “shit happens” 🙂

  12. I truly feel everything happensfor a reason – and all experiencesare blessings.When accepted with grace and pureheart they bring more love and lightinto our life.(warmest hugs)

  13. hmm i seem to have missed this entry and its a gratitude entry after a long time.You do make a point i can never seem to decide whether what happens to us is a consequence somehow of our own actions or entirely dependent on fate.. I think there is a profound sense of calm that comes when you accept the fact that humanity is limited and you cannot fix it all.. you can do the best in any situation and hope for the best… not only because things depend on fate but also becaus things depend on other’s actions as well which u cannot always control..big rant might not make sense.. but this entry reflected a lot of the same questions i keep asking myself time and again

  14. life is,what happens to you,while you were busy planning other things !!an oft quoted line…but was reminded of it,while reading your post.shit and sensibility !!!very interesting!!!!

  15. oh and i couldnt help but notice u updated your reading list. The crucible, I read that a long time ago and even saw the movie. It was an interesting time in America’s history and a good example of what mass hysteria often achieves even in this country

  16. That is a very good philosophy to go by. A lot of time we curse because something didn’t happen according to our plans and forget that maybe the celestial plan has something in store for us.I have had many such instances that reiterate this philosophy.

  17. SMITA,absolutely. in fact, they aren’t troubles, until u look at them that way…ASH,glad to hear that.NANDITHA,its not like i live it either, i suppose its only a reminder, among others, for myself.GILLIAN,welcome aboard!the chosen one, yes 😛 thanks for answering my question, do keep coming by :)SANTHOSH,in a way i agree. and yet, i’m looking forward to a time when irrespective of stepping forward or back, i can just ‘be’ :)welcome to this space, thanks for your kind comment and do keep dropping by.STARRY,long time. how have u been?MADDIE,bringing out love and acceptance with grace – what beautiful thoughts, sophie. god bless. and warm hugs to u too.ADITI,u certainly did! i was actually beginning to wonder where u were, as u always happen to be one of the first to comment :)u couldn’t have put it better. there is no doubting that we can only do something about whats in our hands. and then drop it.and sometimes, just sometimes, big rants to make sense. do keep asking yourself the questions – for it is the quest that must remain. maybe in a way, this post was meant as much for you as it was for me :)the crucible is simply brilliant. how one can think so much from one even in history is beyond me. that man was a genius.GAZAL,lol @ shit and sensibility :)welcome aboard and thanks for comment.IYER,thankoo :)MADHURI,long time! u bet about the purpose bit.JOLVIN,glad u agree.and hello, keshi 🙂

  18. Things have been busier lately, and a lot of decisions to make have bogged me down, I saw the entry come up in reader, read it and thought i’d comment later and then it slipped my mind till a lot later.Its harder to accept things and wait but sometimes that is all it takes, I think. Rants do help but sometimes they tend to start repeating the same things and some things are just perhaps better off not said…

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