the truth of the matter…

…is that i never kept up the promise i had made my father as a little boy.

i do it often. and i do it with ease. apparent ease, that is. for you wouldn’t in all probability have a clue. i wouldn’t flinch, there would be no hesitation, i’d lie without batting an eyelid.

and like every other weak minded man that has trodded the earth, i am tempted to justify myself, however cheap that may sound.

like if i am visiting my folks on a weekend, and happen to, for some reason apprise them of my arrival. now, its been four years since i got my motorcycle, and in the time that has gone by, i don’t remember having used the bus to make that trip. the 150 odd kilometers between madras and pondicherry can make quite a pleasant ride. now, to tell them that i would be riding would mean two old people waiting, anxious, fearing the safety of their mad son till he actually knocked on their doors. and this fellow had this uncanny knack of arriving at the oddest of hours, for it would afford him riding by the moonlight.

it could be a simple thing like some overtly concerned friend asking me if i had had my meal. and to save other people of their feelings, i’d in all probability lie. it makes things simpler, saves a lot of talking and explaining.

thank you all, for guessing. CM, who seems to be the liar too, did get it right. the tagger, though he said would come back, didn’t seem to have done so. or did he, and decided not to guess?


The easiest kind of relationship for me is with ten thousand people. The hardest is with one. – Joan Baez


38 thoughts on “the truth of the matter…

  1. The tagger missed the bus (and is really sorry about that, he really wanted to put in a guess). The tagger made an incorrect assumption about the time available, based on the intervals between previous posts. Yet, even if he had guessed, he would not have got it right. His first choice was 9. He would have guessed 6 only if given a second chance.In any case, served as a wonderful read more than just doing a tag.

  2. SHUZ,the stretch offers something new everytime i ride. and i’ve done it more times than i can count now :)ADITI,CM seems to have been the only one who guessed right. some of my non-blog friends did know, of course.DEVIL,strangely, u seem to have mentioned it in one of your posts recently too. telepathy?GAIZABONTS,u know, i somehow knew you’d assume that. and i couldn’t wai tlong enough to post. 9 is an excellent guess – i’m getting over it quite fast.thanks once again, this was fun.IYER,i don’t drive. only two wheels for me. all the same, i don’t like riding in the nights – the headlamps and pot holes make it scary. plus you don’t have much to see.the only exception is ECR – know that road quite well now.

  3. lol!!! well to me it was too apparent… it was as simple as – how can my vice be some other’s virtue… lol!!! we all lie… but the trick is to not hurt someone as a consequence of it… i lie sometimes just for kicks… to know how long it takes for me to get caught… and when you give it that art form… it is too much of a temptation not to lie… hahaha!!! what say partner…

  4. Dharma, Riding in the moonlight – wow! Sounds beautiful….I can imagine riding in the relative quietness, with the moon for company. If you are a night owl, go for it! Enjoy!Priya.

  5. That quote is so deep and so very true! Very profound, like all the quotes you insert.Nothing more beautiful than riding in the moonlight, with the eerie silence and solitude of the night to keep company…enjoy the ride but please do take care of yourself!

  6. ASH,thanks!CM,it is a temptation. sometimes it becomes a challenge to do it skillfully. deceit is delightful, as u say. cm, you’re bad company pa :PKESHI,is it? i thought it was prtty straight forward.DEEPTI,me too :)NANDITHA,thank you so very much, is all i can think of saying.D,u bet. kudos!TKKEROUAC,thank you too :)MaDDIE,i love it too, and i love the way u make it sound.SUGAR,will do na :)always wanted to go to pakistan. hoep u have a wonderful time. hugs to u too :)NAVEEN,yes, thanks!PRIYA,am not much of a night owl, but i do it now and then and yes, its great fun.GAYATHRI,i am choosy about the quotes i insert here.and yes, i will be carful, thanks 🙂

  7. dei there have been a no. of occassions when i have known u r lying..esp in matters of food or money. Felt sad about it but know it is 1 of ‘your’ ways. Atleast can confidently say U r a bad lier.

  8. Sometimes, being late is the right time to arrive. Like this. Got the puzzle and answer together. Coincidently, I’m just back from a ride to home. It’s not 150 kms, but 750, if the shortest route is taken. And me and my bro do the same thing about informing our over-anxious parents.And a word about the quote. It’s good that way. For us, at least. If it was the other way around, what would have become of Baez and Dylan? 🙂

  9. Loved the line in the end.Lying is convenient. I do it often too. Specially with my Mom on ‘Have you eaten’. Dreaded question. And as a rule, what is easy is not good ;D

  10. SHEK,i bad liar huh? well maybe u just know me too well to figure it out :)PRITIKA,u could, all you have to do is get to madras u know :PADI,i agree with you.shall keep writing, am glad u have found something in the empty words. thank you, brother.JUBIIN,750 km is a long ride…from where to where? am already envious of you :)lol @ quote comment.SMITA,u lie too ha?agree completely with the rule.ARPITA,i don’t either. maybe it is the thrill. may be it is the risk. maybe the silence, or all put together.

  11. hi dear,u r more than a blog buddy. i consider u a good friend from what ever i know of u. Well that blog buddy coloumn in the right shows the latest posts that have been posted whose i have nt read. Post something new and then take a look at my blog…..BTW, can i have ur email-id?Chitra

  12. KESHI,hi, and thanks for the reply.BLA,welcome aboard!VASU,i been good, thanks. and you?CHITRA,my privilege. i just posted, and am gonna go check out the blog buddies column :)ASH,good, thanks.IYER,not hibernating, can not afford that at this point of time. just working, like mad. :)as always, thanks for reminding me to post 🙂

  13. ” to tell them that i would be riding would mean two old people waiting, anxious, fearing the safety of their mad son till he actually knocked on their doors …”that is often my line of thought too. Nice line of thought.. and I too am a seasoned liar

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