who said only humans could think?

The picture is of Shona, the pet of one of my friends, taken many years ago, found recently. My friend tells me she was more a sister than a pet.


48 thoughts on “introspection

  1. yea sometimes they become more than just pets. especially dogs. i remember not so long back i used to talk to white and brown dog in my building… me and my sis had saved him when his siblings and he were trying to survive. the siblings didn’t make it… :)i thought he perfectly understood what i said to him…

  2. I would love to have a pet, but ma says she has had enough with me around and she wont tolerate another one :|Oh and btw, I’ve missed you and ur posts πŸ™‚ Thank God I’m following blogs once again.

  3. they are human. and a lot more. i have always lived amongst dogs and i cant have them now because i live alone. and sometimes i am unhappy.

  4. DEEPTHI,wonder :)NANDITHA,yes, thats what caught my attention – she seemed so damn deep in thought. not my shot, btw. it was clicked by my friend’s father.thank you!ASH,thanks! coming from an ace photograph, i’ll pass on the compliment to its rightful owner.VITRUVIAN,not sure if i was hypothesising or anything – was seeing some snaps, and this one struck me and i posted abt it, thats all.TRINNIE,lukcy u. not everybody has the privilege of communicating so well with animals. sometimes, i think they choose us.MISS IYER,i’d love one too u know, but it might turn them crazy to lock them up with nobody around at home.been missing u too girl, u r one who will prompt me to post even if i get lazy or something! thanks, and good to have u back :)KESHI,better, yes, theres no comparison. humans are lousy.

  5. ~ME,i lub them too. specially the stray ones. stray dogs, stray bums, we make an awesome combo u know!JARVARM,guess she did!EKTA,welcome aboard!we;ll never know, but i’m inclined to think she was thinking how selfish us humans are :)thanks for dropping by, do keep coming more often.PHISH,i can’t have them for the same reason. but its ok – i console myself in the company of the strays, feed them, pet them we have fun!SMITA,its a nice way of looking at it, althought too simplistic for my liking.what makes them what they are is their basic nature. i think humans CAN be all that u have said too – by thinking, affirming and never giving up πŸ™‚

  6. ADITI,completely insensitive. can’t agree more.PRIYA,thank you too :)DEVIL,wow! enviable brother u have. oh, and do the other guys have to be scared of him? ;)D,friend, brother, sister – kya farak padta hai? :)ARTI,lucky rocky, lucky arti :)MADDIE,i love animals too. and thanks – how can i possibly be anything but cheery, especially after seeing maddie’s comment here? :)VESPER,absolutely. and good to see you :)BOHEMIENNE,welcome aboard and thanks for the comment. ur lucky – i’ve never had a dog at home :(ABHISHEK,welcome! been seeing you around, and finally here πŸ™‚ wonder why u can’t see the pic though…

  7. GAIZABONTS,’part’ name sake? but great find anyways. thanks!KESHI,hello, and good to see you. and, quite honestly, this is a beautiful comment. simple, yet touching. thanks πŸ™‚

  8. Here are your interview questions – finally!1. Do you believe in ‘God’ or a Universal force in the Universe? If so, how would you describe it?2. What is the meaning of dharmabum, your handle on blogger? What does that represent to you?3. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given and who gave it to you?4. What is your secret vice?5. What is the one thing you’d most like to do before you die?

  9. Hi Dharma…Thank you for stopping by; those 4 letters put a HUGE smile on my face… one that’s still there :-DWhen Waffle was alive, he was my brother. We were partners in crime; both deathly terrified of the mother; and we knew exactly what each other was thinking…

  10. I was reminded of all the doggies around our place da… Ponni in particular- I spent so much time with her in the one year I was home… And the two pups- fatty boy and his sis.. Always fighting with ponni.. Never could let them in together.. πŸ™‚ I miss them a lot.. And ol’ lady- no words to describe the bond pa and she share.. Its just joyful watching her when pa is around…

  11. According to a mental health nurse I was talking to, having pets can help the mentally ill get better soon/cope with things more easily… as it helps them to have something there.. something to focus on and stroke while they are thinking (it makes them feel good, I guess?)…And also – it gives those who are suffering from depression or are too lonely a distraction… a lady I visited with the mental health nurse had two dogs, who were her life. It is because of them that she is not completely losing it – as they give her a sense of responsibility, which is good for her self-esteem (she has a long history of depression) and it also means she takes more care of herself. For instance, if she didn’t have the two dogs, she would very rarely be going to to the supermarket (she has terrible eating habits, and tends to not take care of herself so much..).. but since she has two dogs, she has to go to the supermarket regularly, to get the dogs food.. and in the process, remembers to get herself some fresh food, too. And having the dogs means she gets some fresh air and exercise every day, as she has to take them out for walks, etc. And having two other living things in the home with her, helps her to not feel so lonely (she has had a chaotic life.. I don’t want to go into too many details, but really she has..) and gives her the fuel she needs to carry on living her life. You should see her living room.. on the walls, there are so many photos of both her dogs (she doesn’t have much of a family, in all honesty).. they are her life.Just reading your post made me think of all this.. sorry if it bores you too much! It is amazing how the simplest of solutions can impact on such a large scale, na? :)(Personally, it would never work for me – I am SO scared of all animals! But hey… πŸ˜€ )PS: I replied to your comment on my blog.. and would be interested in your input, if you want to, please…?

  12. PINK,thats a lot to think about. wil do, in time. thanks :)DEEPTI,welcome aboard! and glad u r smiling. its amazing how four letters can make so much :)waffle – is a nice name :)NITHYA,absolutely πŸ™‚ they’re all still around, most of them. and theres new entrants too :)KESHI,:)MICHELLE,romeo…lucky u :)SUNRISE,don’t be scared of animals. coz more often than not, they’re scared of us too :)not boring – it was interesting reading ur comment. yes, it can give people a purpose. i am not sure about feeling lonely though – i don’t usually feel that way. in fact, i even like it :)ANON,absolutely.MYSTIC,there sure must be. animals are a curious lot, more so coz we fail to understand their ‘language’…ABHISHEK,glad u cud view it this time around. SUGARLIPS,warmest hugs to u too πŸ™‚

  13. Hi… I was wondering if there’s any way one can send a copy of the response to a comment to the commentor, instead of just posting it up one one’s own blog…I was thinking it seems a bit arrogant to believe that anyone who posts a comment will surely come back, just to see if you’ve responded… Oh, and I forgot to mention, I work for The India Today Group.

  14. Hi… I was wondering if there’s any way one can send a copy of the response to a comment to the commentor, instead of just posting it up one one’s own blog…I was thinking it seems a bit arrogant to believe that anyone who posts a comment will surely come back, just to see if you’ve responded…

  15. Thats a good pic:)i personally am very scared of dogs. but yes, there are so many others who treat this pet like a family member. see ya:)

  16. JARVARM,next one is on, thanks! :)DEEPTI,thanks, i did visit to check out the response. and no, i don’t think it is arrogant.VENUS,am good, thanks! and you? chilli – was that a hot tempered one?DEVIL,oh! too bad about sky. it’ll be a while before u get out of it, take care in the meantime.i am alright – thanks. nice of you to drop by. just been busy with work, thats all.SHUZ,scared? come on, they’re not half as scary as humans are πŸ™‚

  17. JOLVIN,it is, isn’t it? to me, she seemed to be thinking very deep, looking into oblivion…the snap struck me the moment i set eyes on it and quickly borrowed it from the friend to post it here

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