i killed him.

i don’t know if there was any other alternative, but i did what i did and thats all there is to it. i am not normally this intolerant, but this fellow was a menace. he was chewing up, one by one, the netlon on all the windows. it cost me quite a lot to get it done in the first place. and now the place is infested with mosquitoes again. more trouble.

as a boy, i remember watching dad swat flies on the dining table.

‘why do you have to kill them pa? can’t u just drive them away?’

‘why do they have to get into my house and worse still, sit right here on my dining table?’, was his retort.

it used to make me wonder then, as it does now, if man is inherently selfish. in that they tend to be territorial and don’t want invasion. is that what makes him powerful – his ability to stave off other beings. mostly. we aren’t able to do much about viruses, but those are exceptions.

my hands are bloody. not literally. it wasn’t messy or anything. in that sense, it is quite a contraption.

touch the bait.
cracks the medulla oblongata. usually causes instant death. i remember that partly due to my biology lessons at schools and partly due to some of the deathly blows we learnt as a part of our martial arts classes, mostly during advanced stages.

i hope his soul rests in peace.

more importantly, i hope he hadn’t introduced his new find to more of his clan.


PS: pointless post i guess, but i had to get it off my mind.


30 thoughts on “murder

  1. I hate moths – I have a deep memory of being dive-bombed by moths as big as thumbs and when I returned to my digs I sometimes caught sight of a bat chasing a fleeing moth…Why do some hate bats and love moths…Protecting an investment in time money and possibly health is not something to be ashamed of… the danger is not feeling saddened or guilty by your actions but by not feeling that way…

  2. I have had a similar feeling when performing such murderous acts!this also reminds me of one incident.Once there was a snake coiled up on a window sill in our home. It was a venomous variety. My amma asked my brother , an army man to get rid of it.It was a big act! He killed it and then both of us made a pyre for its cremation and later we silently prayered for its soul !

  3. NOT pointless at all DB!!! We r infested with the not so friendly neigbourhood mozzies here too cos its summer again!! and i hate to sleep under the net!!! we hardly kill any before we had Nora but now to protect my young i hv to get the swat out and go on a hunting spree!!! ANd recently my significant other got us an electronic swat!! VERY handy!!!

  4. VITRUVIAN,hehe, that was random and has since been forgotten. thank you :)AKKA,hi, serial killer! ;)FTT FTB,’the danger is not feeling saddened or guilty by your actions but by not feeling that way…’that is a strange thought, but yes, i sort of get the import.GAIZABONTS,bilkul sahi kaha, lekin mahaveer arjun ke man mein itni shaq thee, hum thehre bum log :pNANDITHA,oh thats slright i suppose, one can’t have a venomous snake in the living room. sadly, snakes are associated with so much fear here, that even if they harmlessly hang around on the road :(D,well, its a big world with all sorts of beings. me, i just try to keep the creepy crawlies out.DEEPTI,maybe, maybe not. and then there is no such thing as objectivity, is there?hello friend :)MUSH,omg, those electronic swats are the in thing here. i find them cruel though when i see people actually sitting down to swat(burn?) the poor creatures. nets are alright, or repellants.SUGAR,assalam valeykum!good to see you here. yes, guess we all have to commit murder sometimes.

  5. Bro, in the area you live in; you are lucky you got away with mere murder. Where I live in, it is carnage, nay mass bloodbath everyday.If insects could natter, the parallel to analogy among Jews and Hitler, would be associated between their clan and I.

  6. umm…i agree with ur dad too… lizards and flies and mosquitoes have a place to live and my house is not it. So yes, my house will have a lot of blood on its hands too. The Other says that the only time i have been known to completely lose control of myself is when there is a lizard in sight, and its our house. 😉

  7. hey.. a rat was it? I sorta do see the point of the post. We were taught growing up that mosquitoes/cockroaches etc should be shooed out of the house or caught and released outside and the door/window shut quickly to keep it out.I still wince when i see someone else killing it. I dont know y, i guess now its just second nature to me

  8. SUPER,so we know how to get you out of the scene now, in case the need arises :pCM,omg, what sort of locality do u live in? oh, and its good to see you back bro, hope the wedding and all went well.KESHI,hate is a strong word, no? and why wud anyone wanna kill the ‘drama queen’ anyways? :)VASU,thank you.HDWK,lizards are ok u know. i mean they are the best lookers no doubt, but they do eat up a lot of other creepies.DIVSU,how can u HATE a mosquito? or anything for that matter! :)ADITI,good to see you my dear friend. don’t mind me asking, but are u a jain? ur up bringing (of shooing them insects out) suggests that. else they are mercilessly killed. in that sense, i wince too. its sad, but sometimes, i guess theres nothing one can do, especially if its a pest. take the case of mosquitos – last year, we had so much problem with that chikungnya, it wasn’t funny. the thing almost reached epidemic proportions…3SC,hi, SIP :)NISHA,ya, no choice sometimes.@ blogrolling – thank you, and likewise 🙂

  9. yeah i am.. we are not an overly religious bunch but i guess this was taught to us. Dont misunderstand none of us shy from using “good night” etc to keep mosquitoes out or the occasional pest control if it gets out of hands. I guess its just the physical killing of it that just goes against my system especially if it can be avoided.I am surprised u could tell though that i was jain, most ppl dont know what jainism is.

  10. I had so many mosquitoes around me this holiday I was going insane. And they were so tiny I couldn’t see them, just hear them buzzing around yaawwwwwww-yawwewwnwnw HATE THEM! hehehe

  11. i share your feelings too …. but something that has to done has to be done ….. forget the “karma” ….apart from the incident which my sis (nanditha)mentions here , i’ve had to deal with situations involving humans as part of my job ….. my conscience was not pricked this time around ….

  12. ADITI,yes, physical killing is something that puts me off too. in fact, it is the reason why i don’t eat meat. was brought up vegetarian, but when i got a chance as a grown up, i did try it, and although some of it i found particularly tasty, i always end up thinking how the thing on my plate would have been killed and in the process end up losing all my apetite :(i do know a little bit about jainism and so it wasnt’ tough to guess. i am religious, and also take some amount of interest in understanding religions. :)DEVIL,oh poor u :)ARTI,same here!NAVEEN,welcome!am so so so happy to have an armyman here. my salutations to you! have always wanted to be one, but i guess destiny had other plans.honestly, i wudn’t have been guilty AT ALL ‘dealing’ with humans. they’re a disease on earth anyways and a few of them less won’t make much of a difference imho.thanks and do keep coming by!

  13. yes wrong of me to forget that u’re a dharmabum so religion is something u would know about..yet more often then not… ppl tend to not see beyond their own religion or try and know more abt one that isnt theirs

  14. ADITI,nothing to do with dharmabum, my dear friend. it was just that i read that book, liked the name and called my blog that, thats all. religion – i think it is due to various reasons. family, childhood, why, even inherent tendencies…’vasanas’ as they call it..:)PS: philosophy apart, when can i have some nice jain food? *drool*

  15. I have got this fetish of electrocuting flies and mosquitoes with my new found chinese flying insect killing racket. I think the sound of the sparks urge me to kill more…

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