SMS exchange –

son: am grateful to the two of you pa, for you have managed to make what i consider to be a passable human being out of a virtual monster. i am not sure if i’ll ever have the courage to do something like that, ever in my life.

father: i would not have the courage either, if i had to start all over again 🙂


27 thoughts on “retrospection

  1. Z,couldn’t agree more. and very patient – he’s had (and still does, i suppose) to deal with me!CM,lotsa ppl tell me that cm.MISS,i only said some father and some son, not necessarily mine ;)oh, and how could u possibly agree – for that u’ll have to become missus first, illai? :PVASU,write, girl!ADI,har har gange! my fav call, that.and thank u!

  2. Not necessarily, I don’t have to become no missus. Knowing you (as little as I do, or as much as I do) I would definitely agree with him :)Oh and about ur dad, I have an acute feeling this sms exchange was between u and ur dad! Its alrite even if it wasn’t, cos it could pass for u anyway. 😀

  3. Have you watched ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’? I think we all make the same mistakes 😉 even if given a second chance ;D All for love..

  4. Come on! Don’t be this busy! Its raining outside. At least get wet in the rain and give us another one of ur its-midnight-its-raining-and-im-in- the-middle-of-the-road-soaking -wet-giving-someone-a-lift stories! I love them 😀

  5. this is the bond almost all of us share with our parents. and sometimes i feel that despite their saying they wouldnt wanna do it again, im quite sure if the situation arose they would.

  6. SOPHIE,ur daddy mus be very lucky to have your love. good day to u too :)NANDITHA,erm…can we leave that bit unanswered (read ‘yes’) :DGAIZABONTS,its a lovely feeling, and as always, u’ve found just the right words. cheers!MISS I,have i created such an impression thru my blog? it isn’t far from the truth, but i’d better be careful then!KESHI,:)CHITRA,apdiya?SMITA,nope, not watched. whats it about?ASH,:)DEVIL,i was thinking that too – when i went back and re read it, that it was a serious subject. but then such spurts do happen. am surprised u r the only one who noticed though!SHRUTI,howz all the flying going? :)PRASHANT,welcome aboard and thank you 🙂

  7. MISS I,:) the story line sounds interesting. think i’ve become a lil boring off late. seem to be settling into a rut and i need to be careful.u miss, are very kind! shall post soon.MICHELLE,:)ANON,maybe they would, i’m not sure. this is a spontaneous,yes he is. 🙂

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