i can resist talking to strangers sometimes. i was waiting on my motorcycle at this particularly long traffic signal, when i noticed this guy next to me, riding without a helmet. and this was only a day after the enforcement mentioned in my previous post. and so instinctively, i waited for his gaze to turn towards me and immediately asked,

‘home come you are riding without a helmet?’

‘oh, kalaignar has made an announcement, haven’t you heard?’

was all he retored, before the signal turned green and we both went our way. barely a day after the law came into enforcement, the CM is supposed to have gone public requesting the police not to ‘harrass’ the public in the name of enforcement of the law. now, either a law is enforced or not – isn’t it? but theres more to it when politics comes into play.

it doesn’t stop there. a day later, the government has ‘clarified’ that the rule did NOT apply to women and children who ride pillion. the reason stated here is the repeated number of petitions from members of the public, especially women. again much to be understood here, for there was a considerable gap between the time of annoucing the la and actually bringing it into force. and there were considerable petitions, even litigations in courts. but it didn’t matter then. and even if it did, aren’t all lives precious – so why leave out women and kids?

this is what i’ve been hearing. and it sounds very possible. the population of TN is around 6 crores. assuming a modest one-third are motorcycle users. and assuming half of that number went ahead and got helmets. don’t think this is impossible, for that one day, i noticed a whole lot of new helmets. and everybody, including saree clad, jasmine adorning women wearing helmets. now, what if there is a helmet lobby that u know, is hand in hand with the goverment. a modest some of 20 rupees for every helmet makes a neat 20 crore rupees in the govt’s kitty(not the official treasury come on! those are always empty, didn’t you know?)

after all, how else could one explain all the furore created over a new rule, and it lasting less than a day? the way they wield their power is quite shocking. what amazes me is the complete lack of even a wee bit of conscience or fear of God or whatever. we forget, they are the atheists after all.

its funny, for i’ve always read such rants and wondered the use of them. for if there isn’t anything i can do about something, whats the use of complaining about it? so i think i’ll continue wearing my helmet and save my head. and that would be my protest against the so called ‘relaxation’ of the rule.


15 thoughts on “regression

  1. If a man had an accident, his pillion-riding wife and children were killed and he, wearing a helmet, was saved, however would he feel? When helmet wearing was made compulsory here, many years ago, there was a lot of lobbying by Sikhs who didn’t see how they could comply with the law, but it didn’t impinge on the rest of us.

  2. lol, the motocycle population is more than just one-third Dharma. And only yesterday my dad was cursing the government for this kinda activity. All the govt had to do was, enforce the law, collect money from the helmet retailers (actually the general public), pocket them, and collect a lil something from the general public for not complying with the law as well.Politics at its best!!!SuperN, the law was never made to help any women or children in the first place, so why would they bother about it now? Come on, we’re in India!

  3. No, no, that wasn’t what I meant at all… I didn’t mean that the law should help women and children in any special way; I’m just wondering aloud how exempting them from wearing helmets serves any purpose!

  4. i will NEVER get the rules and laws of india and i think the politics there is one big blur of mess to me, think safety always comes first, in whatever circumstance! Helmets are a must i think for all motorcycle riders and their pillions!

  5. ok thats kinda funnie and strange! that women and children are barred-it shud be seen that kids especially teenagers adhere to this rule! there are at at least 3-4 road-accident related news in the mumbai papers in a week!

  6. :)You have to be mad to want to goto the army, but if you are mad they don’t take you. Catch 22 eh…:)BTW : Reg the data point – It wasn’t a personal question as much as it was about identity. A definition of identity, which I choose not to be defined by. She needed me to be defined by that, for her to be comfortable, which I am not comfortable with. :)

  7. DEVIL,ur wish, is my command :)Z,i reckon he’d feel miserable, z. but then, u have to go thru it to understand – thats the irony of life.SUPER,it isn’t. the govt’s intention (either here, or anywhere) is never to help, is it?MISS I,that was only a conservative estimate ma. and whats with the women thing now?ANON,shall try. but like my friend told me, ‘you can only continue what u do til u wanna do it’ :)what say u? and do u necessarily have to be anonymous?MUSH,it is a big mess. its coz most of the population here is uneducated. and the so called educated ones don’t take part in anything apart from earning their money and living happily, totally impervious to everything around them.TRINNIE,neither funny, nor strange my dear friend. its all about money and votes, thats all. the only welfare that the govt works towards its the welfare of itself. dirty assholes.HDWK,:)SANKECHITA,@ catch22 – don understand.@ data point – jus chill na. saves al the trouble, and provides much comfort – to us if not the others :)but am just curious – why do u choose not to be defined by the identity? u need not answer if u don’t feel like!

  8. Its ridiculous, the fact that only if things are made cumpulsory, we follow them. After all, its our head we are trying to save by wearing a helmet and not the Government’s, right? Also, just because its not cumpulsory for women and children to wear, they don’t wear it…how silly! don’t people understand themselves that it is more important to save one’s head than one’s hair from falling (usual complaints of helmet weares)…what’s the use of having beautiful hair if there is no head to crown it???I have lost near and dear ones who did not wear a helmet to death and to debilitating physical deformities….i fervently hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

  9. ASH,:)KESHI,yes, sometimes we have to make an effort to keep that in mind.GAYATHRI,yes, i’ve seen people go too, its sad but true. oh, and i’ve heard the harir complaint too – very silly if u ask me 🙂

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