to preseve the last strands of his sanity in a world which seems equally, if not more insane,

the dharmabum takes solace by drowning himself in his work,

but remembers to thank all of you kind folks for your kind comments and enquiries.

missing u. love u all.

in the meanwhile, here something beautiful and profound for you all to ponder over –

But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the
shores of your souls.

– Kahlil Gibran


26 thoughts on “battling

  1. Hi dharma,I am going through a low phase myself emotionally and so was not not in a mood to write a word, which includes not commenting in ur previous posts too (though i make it a point to read it diligently).My greatest solace during such times is going through the 100-odd quotes in my father’s diary and reading good books.One such example of an unforgettable book is Andrew Harvey’s “One last mirror”, have you read it? if not, please do, otherwise you are missing something profound and vital.It is a tale that explores the strange and hauntingly deep relationship between a 70 yr old woman (living a life wrought with guilt and regrets) and a 25 yr old man bound in Buddist philosophy. The young man comes along and gives this woman the courage to confront her deepest fears and once again look into her life’s mirror, probably for the last time. Do read it to to know more and to bask in its strange comfort and wisdom.Take care.

  2. u’re missed.. and hopefully u will return to active blogging the meantime.. i’d offer a tub of icecream but mayhaps a drink would be more beneficial

  3. Dharma! I miss you :)Hope you’re feeling good.Wonderful quote and so true, there needs to be space between people to let them grow independently and then bring more to the relationship.Take care!

  4. hi dharma, though i dont leave comments on your blog, i do read them diligently! hope you are well and that u will come back in full swing full of fresh ideas and philosophical stuff! big hugs from one of your blog readers or u actually more of a fan = )

  5. The world is insane, but lovable all the same. High expectations, but indulgence of those who fall short (for we ourselves do too), help us to get through it. Drowning yourself in work worries me, though, are you all right, dear? A lovely quotation, thank you for it.

  6. You gonna be absolutely fine don’t you worry at all…How about a big gigantic hug? HUGGGGGGGG!! :)Miss you and love u too :)Thanks for sharing the beautiful quote by Khalil Gibran :)Stay Beautiful…!

  7. There you are, welcome back! 🙂 What made you wait for soo long? You didn’t have to write stories.. see? that’s good enough for a post 🙂 The quote IS quite strong! Take care of urself and don’t work too hard.

  8. I like the quotation, only few months back I realised that it is the way one can live peacefully, but I find it difficult to follow 😦 long way to go for me…Take care, C u soon.

  9. Pity no one said to Alvira, “And talk to us of Loneliness, of the desert that lives in hearts, and is known by all, yet undiscovered” U take care, and come back soon. PS: this is irrelevant, but someone sent me a marraige invite this morning, and i sent back a reco. to read this poem before getting married. Its a world full of coincidences.

  10. GAYATHRI,reading is a grat solace, in good times and bad. u seem to have fine taste too 🙂 haven’t read this one myself, but will definitely do so very soon.low phases or high, it is good to remember that they just pass away, sooner or later. take care.SUJITH,vak shakati – am sure u must’ve heard.DEVIL,am feeling good. i’m someone who makes a conscious effort not to let things around me bog me down, for whatever reason. i been missing u too :)MUSH,OMG!! fan and all – sort of embarrasses me – i’m just a bum u know. but really, thanks so much. it truly is an honour to be able to touch people’s hearts :)very warm hugs to u too. do keep reading.DEEPTHI,sometimes the solitude is so enchanting, i have to force myself to come back :)Z,i love u. ur words of wisdom are a guiding light. and the lightness of your heart is something i have to learn from!am perfectly alright. just enjoying my work, for the first time in life, thats all. thank you so much, z. u’re most kind.CM,thankyoo, brother!SUGAR,awww…thanks and a warm hug to u too. love u guys!MISS I,yes, i see. just that my posts are usually well thought of, if not well presented. but yes, i will keep posting, atleast saying hello when time is rare 🙂

  11. AKKA,bums aren’t even bothered abt taking care of themselves, let alone others. but wil try!ATUL,good to see you around, brother! thank you.SIMPLE,the trouble with most good things is that they are not necessarily nice :)PINK,absolutely – most things are transient. read up the section u mentioned – a friend recently gifted me a complete works book. thanks!SUPER,yes, quite unlike me. but then, things change, don’t they? KESHI,back, babe ;)JUBIN,very profound, thanks for sharing. and thanks for dropping by – do keep coming.

  12. ASH,back na!ANONYMOUS,its obvious u have chosen to be anonymous and so i wil refrain from bringin that up. ur comment though is curious – like they say, each one for his own or some such problem is the concept of a ‘select few’ – it limits us, and somewhere, there is the quest for the limitless.happy suffocation to u :)HWDK,yes, ful of coincidences. but it isn’t strange – thoughts are powerful, and i do believe they can travel a thousand miles. thanks!hITCHHIKER,oh so nice of u. thank you, my dear friend!SANKECHITA,hey thanks for sharing. wil look forward to reading it soon :)TRINNIE,nothing? how about the weather then? or chowpatti? 🙂

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