while i am still figuring out how to know this blogger friend (!), i am tagged, and gratefully so. grateful, because it gives me something to write. not that i have lost out on subjects. that kind of silence is still a long way to go. as long as there is a mind, there are thoughts. and thoughts give birth to words. and thoughts and words, is what much of blogging is about, is it not?

this particular meme is quite a common one, and has been doing the rounds before it has finally come down to the bum. here is what is to be done –

Publish the 5th paragraph of page 123 of the book you are currently reading. (if the page does not have 5th paragraph, take the last paragraph. And if the book doesn’t have page no. 123, take the last page.)

the truth of the matter is, i haven’t been reading anything in the last week or so. not a good sign, but the truth nevertheless. so i picked one up. and in that sense, i am grateful, coz the tag itself has prompted me – served as a sort of a reminder – to go back to my books. and myself. to look within. to be weary of straying from the path.

‘The Sunlit Path’, passages from Conversations and Writings of The Mother.

I have seen in this way faces that pass from one extreme to the other in a flash. Someone has this kind of beauty and harmony, this sense of divine dignity in the body; then suddenly there comes the perception of an obstacle, a difficulty, and the sense of fault, of indignity – and then a sudden deformation in the appearance, a kind of decomposition of the features! And yet it is the same face. It was like a flash of lightning, and it was frightful. That kind of hideousness of torment and degradation – what has been translated in religions as the ‘torment of sin’ – that gives you a face indeed! Even features that are beautiful in themselves become horrible. And it was the same features, the same person.
Then I saw how horrible the sense of sin is, how much it belongs to the world of falsehood.

now, may i tag anybody who might be interested in picking this up? zoe? devil? eric? shitrint? aditi? anybody who drops by here – feel free to do this. i’ll be curious to know what it is all u wonderful people are reading right now. πŸ™‚ if u haven’t already done this meme, that is.

it seems like a nice way to know people, what say you?


on a completely different note, i read this quote, that hit me really hard. and so i share it with you all –

All I ask of a woman is that she should feel gently towards me.when my heart feels kindly towards her,and there should be the soft, soft tremor as of unheard bellsbetween us.It is all I ask.I am so tired of violent women lashing out and insisting on being loved, when there is no love in them.

DH Lawrence, in ‘All I Ask’


25 thoughts on “123

  1. ahh fabulous quote…i have done this tag before but since u asked.. i just finished reading the namesake.. and its also the book closest to me..”Gogol listns, stunned, his eyes fixed on his father’s profile. Though there are only inches between them, for an instant his father is a stranger a man who has kept a secret, has survived a tragedy, a man whose past he dose not fully know.”

  2. Wow that quote is strong! Relationships are so complicated!! Love is complicated, or people make it complicated…hmmmAnd your paragraph was particularly profound! I’ll do this tag, thank you, let’s hope the paragraph is good!!I loved the way you described the thoughts that turn to words πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve done it, as one of HDWK?’s first five commenters, but I’m always reading, so here’s another -From ‘shaggy blog stories’ a privately published book compiled by Mike Atkinson (from thought to reality in one week, with entries from 100 bloggers). This is written by Yaxlich, and is called ‘Yaxlich can’t sleep’.Actually, I’ll go from para 5 to the end of the page, as it’s worth it (it continues, but to the next page).”1,46am. He is a trifle concerned that he can’t remember which part of the brain deals with rational thought. He doesn’t pretend to be an educated man, but he does remember random silly things, which is why he is always welcomed on to the quiz team in his local pub, He doesn’t know why he forgot which part of the brain dealt with rational thought.1.47am. He is a random trifle and is concerned he might be repeating himself.1.49am. Having licked himself, he realises that he is not a trifle after all. This pleases him immensely.1.50am. Yaxlich wants some trifle.1.51am. He realises that a lot of his overseas readers will not know what a trifle is.1.53am. Yaxlich finds the Wikipedia definition of trifle.

  4. This has nothing to do with your post, but did you know that Shankari has restricted visitors to her blog by invitation? :-/ or was I the last person to know about it as usual? Is there a way I can contact her? or slyly get an invite to read her blog at least? :DDarn it! soo many questions 😐

  5. ADITI,interesting. u think i should read that book too? been hearing a lot of it off late.thank you for sharing.DEVIL,yes, people certainly do seem complicated. and yes, it is quite a profound book that!thanks :)Z,just went to HDWK’s to check what u’d done there too! very interesting book this – will probably pick it up when i visit u guys at norfolk :)thank you.MISS IYER,guess u got the answers to your questions – stright from the source itself :)DEEPTHI,will wait :)AKKA,no need to apologise. this is fun actually – having extraneous conversations on the comment space here :)LISA,not sure how true that is, my dear friend. i just had a friend – non blogger who reads my blogs – tell me that i’m not in reality what my blog reflects πŸ˜‰

  6. well i hate recommending books to others…cuz its so personal whether someone will like a book or not..but i liked the namesake.. in a way cuz i could sorta identify with the life..i dunno..i dont recommend books easily.. sorry

  7. Dharma, this is such a lovely passage! Thank you for doing the tag. And The Mother, is always a joy to read.I was amused by that entry- how to know this blogger friend.. you know me already, don’t you. You don’t know my name, but the truth is, I don’t know it either. People use different names for me, and none of those names matters very much. You also don’t know what i do for a living, but am sure that would not matter to you. You do know the thoughts that shape the person who writes that blog. I would say that’s knowing a lot! πŸ™‚

  8. ADITI,baap rey baap – simple baat poocha tha yaar – usko itna complicated kaisey bana diya? :PSUJITH,thanks man! and welcome here :)HDWK,oh, that was just a fun take on the name of your blog itself – nothing personal about it u know.plus, i sometimes think we never really can ‘know’ anyone. we keep fooling ourselves into believing so, but it doesn’t happen so u know πŸ˜‰ we are all strangers, and we remain so.thank u.ASH,thanks buddy.MYSTIC,u’re right about that.KESHI,not me – its that dh lawrence guy πŸ™‚

  9. i just had a friend – non blogger who reads my blogs – tell me that i’m not in reality what my blog reflects πŸ˜‰ me thinks so too:(

  10. Hey D’bum…kind of missed a lot of stuff….but better late then never…so…anyhow…all in all I like the Lawerence bit….awesome. Will buy that book ASAP.

  11. I have read a bit by Aurobindo but never anything by the Mother. It is rather profound, that passage. It has the smplicity that Aurobindo, I think (quite unintentionally?) lacks.Oh,I don’t get DH Lawrence’s quote at all… I ve always thought he’s a chauvinist and a misogynist (no offence.. but I was quite put off w/ Sons and Lovers)

  12. All I ask of a man is that he should feel gently towards me.when my heart feels kindly towards him,and there should be the soft, soft tremor as of unheard bells between us.(wink)

  13. MISS IYER,u r most welcome!PA,too bad huh? lets see if we can do something about that.D,i liked the lawrence bit too – will have to read up moer soon. lemme know how ur read goes!VASU,yes, sri aurobindo can at times get quite complicated. but i’ve felt he is for somewhat moer advanced seekers.the quote – well, just keep mulling over it a while and i am sure u wil get the import. i’ve not known him inuf for me to agree / disagree with ur views on him, but in general, i always believe that all things have two sides, like a coin!TRINNIE,a name change eh? i like this one a lot better :Pthanks for the link.SUNRISE,sums up the state of the world today – we just keep asking for more and more ;)VESPER,yes it is. read more works by the mother, u’l love it.LISA,in a while my dear friend. been caught up with all sorts of things.KESHI,:)

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