better late…

children, are the best learners. how many times have the all knowing adults had that exasperated feeling after being repeatedly posed with a string of ‘whys’ and hows’ from a young, seemingly uncomprehending mind? the insatiable curiosity of a child never ceases to amaze me.

somewhere along the way, unfortunately, the system sort of kills this curiosity. i’m sure some of you(my father, for one!), would now be thinking how convenient it is for all and sundry to blame the system and get away with everything including their own obvious shortcomings. at the cost of sounding like one of those constantly involved in passing the buck, i would still say the system greatly affects that zeal in a child, and does so in a very begative manner. atleast, it would be safe to assume that it happens with the majority of children.

i’m one of the majority too. the silver lining is the fact that somewhere along that inevitable journey towards mediocrity, i woke up to life. i was, as an adult, taught to wonder at life. and thankfully, i haven’t let that awe in me fade away. i have learnt to treat everyday like a new day and learn what i can from what happens to me, and what i see around me.i have learnt that i must continue to learn. that the day i stop learning, i’ll be a dead man walking.

i am grateful for what i have learnt. i am even more grateful for every man, woman, nay, every being and everything that has taught me all the little lessons in life.

PS: i am also grateful, specifically in this context to one of the wonderful people i’ve crossed paths with in this blog world, for i notice she has come looking for these little notes of thanks – thank you, miss iyer ๐Ÿ™‚


24 thoughts on “better late…

  1. I think I’ve recovered some of that curiosity lately: I have this yearn for learning everything right now. Some things that have never interested me seem very appealing.That’s Jupiter for you – he makes us want to learn all the time ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sure ignorance IS bliss, but how long can we live that way? I love to ask questions too, how much ever stupid it may sound. Like in Matrix……?? Morpheus asks Neo to wake up and go down the rabbit hole (only if he wants to tho) ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I read your post.Good to have you back Dharma!

  3. a very good article and read dharma! brecht and i hv in our possesions a few thick books about all the whys and hows and when questions children tend to ask, we are such text book parents!! But yes, there will be a few or if not zillion surprises to come when our little Nora starts asking questions.

  4. True. The systematic education sometimes kills our interest to learn and also it narrows our thinking and knowledge. We are confined to learn from our day to day needs and experiences.

  5. Sometimes its a good thing and sometimes it can be a terrible thing.. I think I am learning that hard way that questions are perhaps not meant to be asked

  6. “i’ll be a dead man walking.”yup i agree with ya…sometimes life seems dreary and dull to me…maybe those must be the days wen ive forgotten to be in awe of life!”i am grateful for what i have learnt. i am even more grateful for every man, woman, nay, every being and everything that has taught me all the little lessons in life.” ditto! im grateful for the enemies too…there’s a lot u can learn from ur detractors and and that rings true…read this somewhere, “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”. totally off topic!anyway, ur tagged dharma. check my blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I’ll say it again, your gratitude posts are your best…!!!As for questions, how can we ever stop asking them?!? There’s so much more I want to know, there’s so much more I need to know!

  8. Z lessons from zis post: 1. Whether or not there are questions on the lips, nothing should stop questions from forming in the head(heart,if you prefer it that way) 2. A sense of Wonder is a wonderful thing! Thank you for z post!

  9. Off topic.. Just noticed that you are in Pondi. Man, the name itself rekindles some of the best memories of life.. even if it was for just a few days.

  10. DEVIL,jupiter? in india, we call the planet ‘guru’; which is a sanskrit word. curiously, the word quite literally means, the preceptor. it struck me when u said about the effect of jupiter on our charts :)MISS I,:) i loved the matrix. and strangley, it was one of the things when i was writing the post.good to be back, iyer :)LISA,hear hear!MUSH,i am not a parent myself – not even married. don’t think i am inclined to it either, but i think parenting ought to be intuitive, in most cases. text book parenting can turn out with unexpected, even negative results at times.thanks – its good to have u here. keep dropping by.ERIC,i have always felt that our generation of youngsters and the ones to come are so lost and aimless basically for one reason – the lack of role models that are inspiring enough.the thougth came up when u brougt up the issue of role models.SIMPLE,systematic education, atleast in this part of the world, was at one point of time in history, quite wholesome. it did cater to thinking, in the learner. with the advent of the british system of education, we somewhere lost track, and have never been able to find out bearing hence. sad, but true.ADITI,imho, there is no harm in asking questions as long as we aren’t unduly troubled by the fact that the answers are not always easy or palatable :)VASU,THANKS ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. ADITI,mil lenge monaben se – shukriya :)SUGAR,pleasure is entirely mine. the fact that u learn only shows ur open mindednessSHITRINT,we’re not in a war, are we? i don’t have any enemies. if i do, i don’t know about them – thankfully ๐Ÿ™‚ this is one thing i wudn’t mind being ignorant about. yeah, saw the tag, wil (hopefully) do it sometime :)SUPERNOVA,thanks – its come to a stage where i only am doing that once a week gratitude post now. shall we jus keep it that way?HDWK,zanks for z visit! u seem to be like z quick learner :)J,i belong there, my family is there, but i work in madras now. but there is no doubt that the place just rocks!KESHI,lots of things. for one – that it isn’t silly to snap photos of urself and post it :)DEEPTHI,a wonderful journey, to u too. maybe we’ll pass by someday, and then we can thank each other for that too ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. “the insatiable curiosity of a child never ceases to amaze me.”:) True true! One of the best things anyone has said to me was this: Don’t lose the kid in you.That’s a pretty good piece of advice, if you ask me.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. SUNRISE,absolutely. we must all in fact go back to being childlike (not childish!)KESHI,i said its NOT silly – go back n read what i said. and all those abuses in ur post – was it also directed towards me? :)SUPERNOVA,how i wish!

  14. OMG na not towards ya! I get few anony abuse comments every now n then and I dun publish em…cos they r filthy.I didnt write that post for u. How cud u even think that!Keshi.

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