bad boy?

being a sucker for tests, i found this one and took it up – just for kicks. this is what it said about me, and i am not sure if its good or bad, but i think its quite true about me atleast…

Your Ideal Relationship is Polyamory

You want to have your cake… and everyone else’s.
Which isn’t a bad thing, if everyone else gets to eat too!
You’re too much of a free spirit to be tied down by a traditional relationship.
You think relationships should be open and free, with few restrictions.

30 thoughts on “bad boy?

  1. The first thing that came to my mind when I read the title of the post and your ideal relationship type, was “very very bad boy”But now, (I hate to admit this), I got the same result too!What in the hell does that mean? :-/

  2. oh i was tempted to take this test. and well my answers came just as i had expected! :Dbut then why is the post title bad boy? its ur kinda relationship…shudnt be labelled bad. i know of guy friends who prefer the same kinda thing. or maybe all guys prefer the same thing…dunno!

  3. EVERYBODY,it is some freak test created by some stupid website – don’t take it too seriously please :)ADITI,i don’t find it in the least depressing u know ;o) but it is scary, coz i am sure not many girls will like it :(MISS IYER,ha ha!it means two things, to – that u r a free spirit too, obviously!two – that maybe we will hit it off well. what say, coffee? ;o)SHITRINT,what was the result?and yes, i agree i shudn’t be judgemental. which is why i had included a question mark – it is but a question, to myself and to all u, all guys do NOT prefer the same kind of thing. i had a few guys take it and i was the only one with this result :(SUPERNOVA,i am sure it also said what it means?SUGARLIPS,isn’t that a good thing for u? god bless u guys with lotsa happiness!HDWK,take it – atleast just for kicks!SIMPLE FELLOW,why the frown? we are what we are and thats it!

  4. DEVIL,don’t try to fool yourself alright? ;o)NABEEL,i am sure u don’t mean it, i mean…figuratively :)KUAN GANG,???MISS I,yaaaayyyy!!!VASU,same pinch!MADDY,curious? some of my friends choose more explicit adjectives when it comes to descricing me, but i’ll take that.and did u expect anything other than marriage?ERIC,dog? nah! only human :0VESPER,cool hunh! actually, i go the test from your site – didn’t explicitly mention it coz i wasn’t sure if u’d like a link 🙂

  5. “there are but a few enlightened souls – that can give love. simply for the sake of it – not begging to be loved in return. it is from such people that we need to learn how to love. i mean, truly love others.”… this comment you have written matches with THIS:”You’re too much of a free spirit to be tied down by a traditional relationship.You think relationships should be open and free, with few restrictions.”:D

  6. oh…my result…well…it was SERIOUS DATING! ok ok i know this must be getting me raised eyebrows, but yeah, i agree to it to quite an extent! unfortunately, the male specie likes to be “free birds” and i bet no male taking this test will have gotten the same result as mine! 😀

  7. TK,i am not sure if this really reflects me completely – i wouldn’t say its wrong, just that there must be more to it. there is, in fact.oh, and thanks for the link!LISA,player? u wouldn’t think that if u had a look at me, but sometimes, it just happens with me, i don’t know why!KESHI,u mean the sanitary napkin brand? *lol*MICHELLE,too bad hunh? :)SUNRISE,that comment sounds profound. are u sure i wrote it myself? or maybe i was just drunk :)MISS I,no prank ma, jus work – it took me out of town these last few days and i didn’t bother to find an internet cafe and all that.D,nothing is the same for everyone, is it?SHITRINT,u already lost ur bet, coz i got a friend who got serious dating too. u interested now? gosh, now there’ll be a ‘bum matchmaking inc.’ too *grin*oh, and i’m letting the comment on the male species pass – i don’t believe in these generalisations. and yet, i could throw up quite a few about the female species. and that woldn’t lead us to anything worthwhile, would it?

  8. ‘bum matchmaking inc.’lol..gross and graphic! why the name bum? oh btw, i was always interested to know, why is your blogger name “dharmabum”? i mean it appears to me as if two words are joined together…er…whats it mean?and about the male generalizations thingie, yeah its not fair to generalize and there are are some EXCEPTIONS…RARE ONES…but the day i come across someone who doesn’t really fit in to the category, ill change my POV. and yeah, there are quite some bitchy women too. PS: that comment that sunrise posted abt u posting the “love” comment, well u actually posted that comment in my blog, the last post, that is! gosh, u don’t remember writing that ?!?! wo!

  9. SHITRINT,the name wasn’t meant to be graphic – just turned out that way, u know :)why bum, coz i seriously believe i am just a bum. the blog name though, is inspired from a book called ‘the dharmabums’ by a man called jack kerouac – he was one of those path breaking writers – his books have been life changing reads for me, as i am sure they wud’ve been for thousands of others too.most often, i find that it is the women who degrade their kind, they refer to other women as ‘bitches’ much more commonly than men do. so much for women’s lib and all that huh?PS: i actually didn’t remember writing it – though i could still relate to it(obviously!) – but i did go back and check – just to make sure u weren’t making an ass o me :)its been fun – these comment chains with u! rarely does a comment actually turn out into a conversation – they are mostly close ended, with little scope to develop into a lil chat. very interesting, thanks!

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