having had a light lunch, i quickly felt hungry quite early this evening. i am not much of a snacking person – i usually eat my meals well, and then i am done. for the in between times, its only cuppas of tea. today though, was a frugal lunch consisting of a fairly small portion of tayir sadam.

so i walked out of my workplace this evening, wondering if i could find something worth snacking on. and just as i was thinking that, i saw this man selling boiled peanuts. not the plainly salted ones – but a tangy-spicy mixture of that, some chopped onions, carrots, coriander, spices and a dash of lemon. that, more tea and a smoke, and i felt perfectly satisfied.

consider for a moment, the following statistics –

– 854 million people across the world are hungry

– everyday, 16000 children die of hunger related causes somewhere. that is one kid EVERY FIVE MINUTES

i have always felt hunger is the worst form of poverty, ever. one could be denied anything else, and yet could survive, but hunger – i don’t know how people take it. when i see a beggar who says he/she is hungry, i try and feed them something immediately. i can’t give much, but i do give whatever i can, even if its just a cup of tea and some biscuits. i don’t think of organized beggary and other such issues. hunger moves me. and i do what i can – which isn’t much.

but strange as this may seem, most people whom i feed (and this happens quite often) don’t look like beggars at all to me. i don’t see them seeking alms. they pop out of nowhere – as if by a miracle – and ask me for food. and i can mostly see that shame in their eyes. according to this report, ‘Socially, the lack of food erodes relationships and feeds shame so that those most in need of support are often least able to call on it.’

in such a world, where millions go hungry for days together, it is but a miracle that i have NEVER gone hungry, ever. even this one instance, when i myself decided to experiment with begging for food, i was provided for by some kindly soul. and i can never stop being grateful for it.


Rarement nous pouvons découvrir un homme qui dise avoir vécu heureux, et qui, son temps fini, quitte la vie content comme un convive rassasié.

We rarely find anyone who can say he has lived a happy life, and who, content with his life, can retire from the world like a satisfied guest. –Horace


25 thoughts on “peanuts

  1. I’ve been feeling slightly hungry since last night, nothing I eat seems to satisfy me…and I’m a snack person. It’s not good being a snack person, you have to stock up with plenty of them.But I’m glad you mentioned REAL hunger, so I could put this hunger into perspective. I wouldn’t last very long without food, I’d collapse right away. So I’m very thankful for all the food around me. It pains me when any little bit goes to waste.

  2. beautiful!! absolutely beautiful..i have fasted occasionally.. i did 3 days without food once.. just water.. and it was hard.. very hard.. i dont know how the people who voluntarily go without food for 30 days do it..but its one thing to do it by choice and another entirely to have no choice in this matter.. Its truly one of the worse things out there.

  3. its really a good deed to feed someone hungry. yeah, me and my mom hav encountered ppl who dont look like beggars. and very weirdly, strangers just come up and ask for a few rupees to get home or some food. its not like they are begging, coz they seem to come from respecatble but not so well off families. somehow their plight and truth reflects in their eyes!noble deed dharma! 🙂

  4. Nice thought , I believe hunger demands people to beg or break rules to get food… both are inevitable. I thank everyone who has helped me to have my daily bread and also thank them who have thought me to feed hungry people (even though it is on very few occasions).

  5. this is indeed a good thought and a good deed that u doin there.Nothing compared to feeding the one who needs food.I wish more hotels can give away the days food to those in need rather then throw it in the bin….

  6. I thank my mum for cooking for us and keeping us well-fed all our lives. Cos I know that some families dun even have decent meals when they can afford to. Keshi.

  7. SHANKARI,can’t agree more akka.DEVIL,absolutely, it is quite painful to see food being wasted.oh, and remind me to stock up when u get here, alright? ;o)ADITI,u’re right. everytime i fest, i think the same thing too. ultimately, we r fasting on the secure feeling that in the end it wil be broken and there will be food…SHITRINT,maybe strangers see your good heart and come straight to u – knowing they will be helped? god bless!SIMPLE,ur thoughts – simple, beautiful 🙂

  8. DEEPTHI,hotels sould really afford to do more, u r right. i know of groups who campaign with hotels and collect excess food. sometimes, i think its only a question of logistics – some hotels wouldn’t mind giving it away if someone cud collect it and arrange to have ppl fed.thanks for visiting – do come by more often!SUPERNOVA,start trying – NOW. and good luck with the effort.KESHI,that is so sweet. yes, i shud be thankful to mum too – she cooks inspite of busy schedule!

  9. MISS I,thank u – for the compliment. more importantly, for not wasting food. that is such a good thing. i’d want to give u a warm hug for such a noble deed :)keep it up, lady!ENDE,we can’t go when we want to – we go when we will. moreover, i wonder what u mean by ‘going’? i wanna go too – in search of myself, like sidhartha did…someday *sigh*

  10. Oh Dharma – you always fill my heart andremind me to try harder and be kinder in everyway.I am so grateful for your posts and yourbeaming-bright sunshiny heart.Thankyou for….just being your lovelyself.

  11. LISA,can not survive, u r right. but thats for ordinary mortals. i say so coz india has seen, and continues to see people who can fast for days together. in such cases, the mind wins over the body :)ENDE da,i also talking about that wonly na…i’ve always felt retirement is the logical end to a life well lived. not just retirement from work, but from everything else too – family, friends and everything else. in fact, i’m even inclined to think thats when life actually begins, in its truest sense.SOPHIE,u r one of those rare souls – u r naturally good, u radiate joy and peace – u don’t even have to try. i think its ur nature :)in fact, if what u say about me is even a lil true – i think YOU sophie, have played a huge role in inspiring me to be so. so i shud be the one thanking u and not the other way around.isn’t it a wonderful feeling to see so much good all around us?

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