siyavara ramachandra ki…


lots of people call it an epic. others think it a legend. it is both, and more. to me, it is history. for i am sure such a man did walk this earth in flesh and blood. he was the perfect man – maryada purushottama. and he showed the world, nay, demonstrated the perfect living.

happy birthday, dear rama.

some people tend to think the hindus are idol worshippers. we are. but like Swami Chinmayananda says, it is the ‘ideal’ behind the ‘idol’ that is worshipped. we look upto an ideal, and strive to imbibe the ideal in ourselves, hoping to evolve and move ahead in our lives.

wishing every seeker a beautiful journey, and the very best in our effort towards transforming into ramas.

PS: i am not sure which movie it was from, probably swadesh, but there was a verse in a song, which was quite simple and thought provoking. what it conveyed was that ‘if we remove the ravana from our hearts, rama resides’


14 thoughts on “siyavara ramachandra ki…

  1. Happy birthday to Rama from me too.* wishing every seeker a beautiful journey, and the very best in our effort towards transforming into ramas. *If the world were full of Rama’s, there wouldn’t be any ravana’s.Nice post there Dharma. 🙂

  2. I don’t know much of what you’re talking about but your enthusiasm is contagious! :)By the way, did you get my comment about e-mailing me about the astrology thing? That is if you want to, of course. I’m just offering.

  3. yes that verse was from swades .. i remember it quite well.. described all the qualities ke ram resides in all ..that is quite a touching post..i know when i went down to shirdi last weekend, troupes of people had started a week long trek to shirdi to make it in time for ram navami. I remembered then the devotion it took for them to make it there. 300 kms in a week’s time.. definitely takes faith..just a totally disconnected thought, came to mind because of your post

  4. GAIZABONTS,long time no see – me very glad :)MISS I,will convey it to Him hunh 🙂 seeking is an arduous process, and so it is highly inconceivable the world being full of ramas.thanks!AKKA,:)DEVIL,it is about Lord Rama – one of the manifestations of God – a very popular deity in india and other se asian countries like indonesia, malaysia, thailand and all. will probably write about it someday…oh, and i need to get the details from my folks, just keep forgetting.ADITI,shirdi – u shud’ve taken me along na..:) loved that place. and luckly for me, there was practically nobody in the temple when i landed there one night!LISA,buddhism has quite a bit in commone with hinduism. quite naturally so, for it was born out of hinduism.KESHI,i am glad. i have always believed He gives us just what we need just at the right time.CHITRA,just read and commented on ur post – thanks for sharing!SUPERNOVA,thanks!

  5. that is lucky u.. the two times i have gone.. its been so crowded .. watchmen yelled at me for the minute that i did to stop and pray.. and it literally was a minute

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