i had been tagged, quite a while back. and since its only now that i have finally managed to write about it, here are the 10 things that i like beginning with the letter ‘T’.

T(ea) – it just had to be the first on my list. i’m not really for the exquisite kinds that have spices and strange combinations added to them. but i like it simple – with a dash of milk. and i have a cuppa every hour or so. the best thing is, tea has also been a way to connect to other tea drinking friends – its ever so nice to go out for a quick cuppa with a colleague or friend anytime. and some of my most special friends share this addiction too, so that makes it all the more wonderful.

Thatha – which is tamil for grandfather. not sure how many of u have read it, but i’d written about him here. we had a strange and special relationship, and he is one of the very few people i miss. he taught me, among a lot of other things, to love life.

Trains – in india, travelling by train is an experience in itself. the air conditioned coaches are quite comfortable, but have the tendency to cut off the traveller from the outside. moreover, i’ve noticed that co-travellers in the higher classes don’t tend to socialise too much, which is, as far as i am concerned, quite boring. the sleeper class is ideal – one can get a good view of the outside, make some small talk (that is on the down these days, with the advent of mobile phones – people just tend to keep talking on their phones all the time) with fellow travellers. and smoke – though sadly, it is banned, i still manage to have a smoke or two when the cops aren’t around. and then there is the general class – which one uses if there are no reservations available. i do it every now and then, just to stay connected with the real india. these are simple people, who travel this class not because they failed to make a reservation but because its the only thing they can afford.

Tobacco – i like it in just about every form, though smoking is what i indulge in on a regular basis. i particularly beedis, they’re small and suit my smoking style – i like a few drags every now and then, but don’t prefer some of the ‘king’ sized cigarettes (my friend had this corny joke about kings smoking kings, and men smoking wills :). but the thing about beedis is that they can leave the smoker smelling like a walking talking ash tray and so i only smoke em on holidays and so on. i also chew some tobacco with a pan once in a while. i’ve tried snuff a few times and thought it was radical. its good for a blocked nasal passage though i find it extremely gross when i see people snuffing and then snorting just about anywhere. yuck!

Trees – i keep wishing i lived some place in the midst of a lot of trees and greenery. as a kid, i loved climbing trees. the more difficult they were to climb, the harder i would pursue. the joy of having ‘scaled’ a tree that is branded as un-climbable by someone used to be quite something. this has come in handy – like this once, when we were in college and decided to trek through the fields to the banks of the river cauvery. we came to a point when there was this vast expanse of fields, and we didn’t know exactly in which direction to proceed. thats when the tree climbing bit came in handy, and we could sort of orient ourselves to proceed further in the direction of the riverbed.

Tirukkural – i don’t consider myself qualified to comment on the merit of the monumental work, but i’ve enjoyed learning the few ones that i did even though i don’t know much tamil. as a boy, i used to watch out for the ones printed in some of the buses here, try and memorise them during my journey, go back home, recite them to my grandpa and get him to explain the import of the particular couplet. i think he knew all of them, for he’d quickly tell me the meaning and accompany it with a few anecdotes and so on, to really drive home the message.

Tintin – few wouldn’t know this fellow, and he was one of my favourite comic characters. i’ve read all the tintin titles, to the best of my knowlege. captain haddock and snowy(especially when snowy gets drunk on the captain’s whiskey!) are among my favourite characters in the book. did u know that snowy was originally the cynic, till the captain made his entry in ‘the crab with the golden claws’, if i remember correctly?

Trekking – i haven’t had or made the opportunity to go on too many treks, but the ones i have done, i have enjoyed them immensely. i can walk for miles together and not complain. and i feel completely at ease in the midst of nature. one such trek that i particularly liked was when we visited gaumukh. it was a treat for both the spiritual and the adventurous minds alike. someday, i want to go beyond gaumukh and walk up to tibet maybe.

Twilight – it is my favourite time of the day. i like the warm, mellowing effect of a sunrise or a sunset. to me, it also bears a certain air of uncertainity, as does the literal sense of the word. i am, by nature, quite uncertain of most things in the world, and remain comfortably so.

The Truth – i take a lot interest in philosophy, with emphasis on an indian school of thought called vedanta. in this context, the Truth is defined quite simply as ‘that which remains unchanged in the past, present and future’. on enquiry, we find that most things we see and know do not fit this bill! and from then on starts this most fascinating quest for That which goes beyond comprehension. it is, in my opinion, the most beautiful pursuit one could possibly indulge in.

ah, so thats that. this has actually been more interesting than i thought it would. anybody like to try?


18 thoughts on “t

  1. That’s so funny, I did this tag a few months ago and I go the letter T, as well (at least in my tag, you were supposed to get a letter from the other person).I’m trying to find it, but I can’t. Anyway, I don’t think we chose any words in common. Good 🙂

  2. Excellent list, thanks for taking all this effort, D.When I’m in India is the only time I drink tea with milk. I especially like roadside chai, freshly made. Trains – I’ve only used the AC ones (well, I’m a girlie and English too), though I went in a sleeper once, from Kerala to Chennai. The last time I smoked was also in India, 3 years ago – I never smoke (never have) in England, but something had to take me through the stress of a week-long wedding with no alcohol. Not my wedding, of course.

  3. nice tag. U did it nicely.U speak Tamil? ** in this context, the Truth is defined quite simply as ‘that which remains unchanged in the past, present and future’.what a beautiful definition of truth! Keshi.

  4. 🙂 Two out of ten common things. Not bad. Very intresting and well written. Thirukkural : I hardly remember any, but now that you have reminded me, planning to read it all once again. 😦 Blogger display has again to k. r u a friend of Ekta Kapur, by any chance??

  5. AKKA,am glad!DEVIL,hmm, certainly a coincidence. any astrological conclusions that u might like to draw? :)and no words in common< i'd like to see what u wrote then!ADITI,yeah, it seemed a lil difficult initially, but when i put my mind to it, the thoughts started flowing.Z,thanks for making me take the effort.in south india, we celebrate marriage after the couple hits a certain age – we go thru a ceremony of getting them wedded again – u game? :)ERIC,i am quite surprised u haven’t sen any books!

  6. KESHI,it is a beautiful definition – simple, powerful. and the more u ponder and mull over it, the more u discover.yes, i do speak tamil. also :)SUPERNOVA,thanks. i think u r right – it really is a nice tag. u wanna have a go? knowing fully well what would be the first on the list, i’ll give u an ‘a’ ;o)CHITRA,ekta kapur? whats the connection? or is that some sort of a joke?the kural is simply fascinating. when u do read, do share some with me too 🙂

  7. What a lovely list. If I were to come up with that list, you can bet your last buck I would’ve come up with such trivial and insane things! :-PI love traveling by trains too. Think that would’ve been the only common thing aside from tea.Tobacco! Aaah! Tobacco! Im sure it would feature on ur list in some form or the other under any other English alphabet 😉

  8. Wonderful list Dharma :)I recently read a novel by a South Indian writer and came to know so many words like Thatha…Nana and so many others :)Doothpatti Chai rocks 🙂 but I like earl grey too!Stay Beautiful…!

  9. MISS I,i guess u r right about the tobacco bit :)i’d be interesting to know about all the trivial things u know…wanna give it a shot? i’ll give u an ‘m’ :)KESHI,velai pannanum. aanal vettiya irukken 🙂 do u also speak tamil?CHITRA,no i don’t actually. in fact, i don’t even know much about ekta kapur apart from the fact that she is associated with the idiot box.SUGAR,glad u liked it. i’ll give u another word – the most beautiful one – ‘amma’. it means ammi :)SUPERNOVA,what u include in the list is entirely ur privilege naturally, but i don’t see why A shudn’t be there. after all, we’re not talking of ‘thinngs’ in the literal sense of the word. and if u look at my list, there are quite a few things that are not ‘things’ 🙂

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