everytime we have a happening that is special, or even remotely out of the ordinary, we attribute it to something strange, that which is possibly beyond our comprehension. a happening here could be a strange event, or an unexpected encounter with people hitherto unknown, but who from thence start having a mighty influence on our lives, or even a ‘miraculous blessing’ that we receive quite unexpectedly. some refer to this ‘phenomenon’ as nature, some call it God, and yet others seem to think its fate. there are even some, who i personally find quite funny, who attribute just about everything to a quirk of chance. to such people, every event is pure coincidence, a result of nothing, and resulting in, by that same logic, nothing either.


to me, this word pretty much sums up my perspective of life and everything else. i think its a beautiful word, as all words are. if i am not mistaken, it quite literally means a ‘miracle’. the more i think about how things have been going, the more i begin to believe in this miracle called life. and this isn’t about a mere ‘belief’. for i think beliefs are born out of our upbringing. we form our beliefs based on pondering upon our preformed intellectual convictions and finally drawing up our own conclusions.

the magic of life isn’t a concept that can be taught and understood from external sources. it isn’t a belief system or an intellectual conviction. it probably wouldn’t even qualify as a ‘feeling’ as it is beyond emotions either. it is a deeply intuitive – something that is ‘known’. and thats all there is to it. to most of us, who have been brought up on attempting to arrive at ‘rational’ and ‘logical’ conclusions, this might seem strange. for the logical mind looks for a ‘reason’ or a ‘proof’.

knowing happens. we just come to realise that we know, thats all. and we have no iota of doubt when there is real knowing. and with this knowing comes a certain joy that fills our hearts with love and gratitude.

i can’t stop being grateful for the miracle that is in every moment.


19 thoughts on “karishma

  1. have u read gods debris? i think u might like that one..its a beautiful post.. karishma.. one never really marvels at things that happen around us..for every little thing greatly alters the course of our lives.. sliding doors.. that movie.. i think abt it all the time for its had a profound effect on me..

  2. That word is so similar to charisma, but it’s not related is it? well, sometimes words are related even though it isn’t very likely.Well, it’s hard to tell what brings certain things into our lives and our explanations of these things are obviously a reflection of what we believe in. I don’t think I have anything original to say about that…

  3. Beautiful post.I am of the mind that things in life happen out of randomness, each person’s actions and thoughts affecting each other’s in an ever changing chain.

  4. STARRY,absolutely starry! glad to meet another miracle person!ADITI,gods debris? a book? will look it up, thanks!NOVEL,er…i’m a lil speechless about that comment of urs novel. i can only say that u r extremely kind. thanks you so very much.SUPERNOVA,couldn’t but agree with u.AKKA,glad u enjoyed it. me also major believer only na :)CHITRA,the more u look forward to it, the more likely it is to happen. lemme join u in your prayers and we’ll all wait – for i am sure it’ll work out just the way u want it to.god bless!MISS I,:) am quite surprised u had nothing to say u know!

  5. DEVIL,u’ve brought up a very interesting point there, my dear friend. i have ben looking up the words, and they don’t seem related – atleast technically, but like u say, there has got to be something that connects :)u r evidently quite astute when it comes to the language, which is also evident from ur writing. it is a gift, devil!LISA,most certainly. to know, appreciate and then internalise the miracles of life isn’t easy or common place. not everybody is blessed enough to be so – in that sense, it certainly is a miracle that some of us do see, atleast glimpses of It.

  6. VASU,thanks! sidhartha is beautiful. if u haven’t already, read steppenwolf by the same author – its even better. and if i am not mistaken, the name is hesse – with 2 ‘s’ – quite typically german 🙂

  7. ERIC,randomly connected affairs? hmm..interesting.PINK,mebbe – in my case, i haven’t had the privilege of witnessing what i’d consider a major tragedy – not yet anyways.KESHI,:)

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