normally abnormal or abnormally normal?

i’ve two tags to complete, and i’ll take them in chronological order. it was quite a while back that my friend supernova had tagged me, through this post of hers.

i’ve to write listing 6 weird things about me, or even some of the weird experiences i have had. although i’ve read quite a few bloggers doing this meme, i’ve never really found anything weird, abnormal or unnatural. i wonder if that says anything about me, or the posts i’ve read and their authors. so right now, i’m going to talk about a few things that i think are a lil weird. some of them might sound a lil uncivilsed, or even just plain obnoxious, so don’t tell me i didn’t warn you folks!

1. i was a regular at bed wetting. everybody is, you might be thinking. i used to do it, unfailingly, almost EVERY night, till i was around 15 years old.

my folks had this rubber sheet spread under my bed cover. and since i also have this uncanny knack of re oreienting and re positioning myself a zillion times through my sleep, this rubber sheet practically spanned the entire bloody cot! so i’d be very careful about not letting any of my friends into my bedroom, least they discover.

we even tried umpteen number of medicinal and non-medicinal cures, including the once when i was taken to a nearby mosque to be ‘exorcised’ by the priest there. nothing seemed to work. it doesn’t happen any more, thankfully. sometime when i was in class 10, it stopped. all by itself.

2. i don’t use a nail clipper – i chew my nails off. including the ones on my toes. don’t grimace – i make sure to wash my feet before! if u’re still wondering how i do it – try some yogic postures, it helps.

3. i can be very nice to people. i can also be extremely obnoxious, even nasty. in fact, more often than not, i vacillate between the two extremes.

4. i like to endure. sometimes, i inflict pain upon myself. it isn’t very gross stuff like cutting myself and so on. but i like to starve every now and then, push myself to see how long i can go without food. or take abnormally long walks, or put myself through other such physically exhausting activities – i like the painful pleasure that results.

5. i abhor underwear. although i force myself to use them at times, i find them extremely uncomfortable. in fact, i’d rank briefs as among the worst things invented by man πŸ™‚

6. this is probably one of the weirdest incidents that has happened to me.

i was, if i remember right, 11, maybe 12 years old. me and my friend, we went to the beach, knowing well that going to the seaside without adult supervision was not only dangerous, but also strictly prohibited by the parents. so we sneaked away stealthily, and couldn’t wait to get into the water.

the beach in pondicherry isn’t really one – i mean, there is this road – its like a beautiful beachside avenue, some rocks which act like a barricade of sorts and then its the sea – not much sand. so we quickly found our spot (the one with a tiny patch of sand – it doesn’t exist any longer), stripped and for the next couple of hours, blissfully splashed around in the cool water under the hot sun. only, when we got back, we figured that my shorts were missing. there was just this guy lurking around in the afternoon sun, and swore he hadn’t seen a thing.

my friend was a smart aleck, and wouldn’t give up. he suggested that we walk away casually, but get back in a while and investigate. so here i was, parading up and down the beach road in pondicherry. in my underwear. luckily for me, i hadn’t started detesting underwear so much then, so i had atleast my briefs on πŸ™‚

about an hour later, we caught the guy sneaking back to the same spot, and pick up something from under the rocks. my shorts!! my pockets had some money, chocolates and i don’t remember what else. he was caught red-handed, and i could go back home fully dressed. that avoided a volley of questions from parents and i don’t think they know about this incident until this day ;o)


“I almost had a psychic girlfriend but she left me before we met.”
– Steven Wright

For more such hilarious statements by Steven Wright, go here


30 thoughts on “normally abnormal or abnormally normal?

  1. aah…i know ppl who are the same habits or weird things abt themeselves like ur first two habits! tho i cant imagine how u chew ur toe nails off! i mean cmon, its so much of trouble. i can only find the explanation for chewing off hand nails that one does it subconscioulsy or wen nervous! why, u must be putting extra effort with ur toes!the underwear detesting sounded gross…tho it was funny reading that u do wear them at times! :Poh i like pushing myself too..i see how long i can go without food and water and how much activity or hecticness i can take on an empty stomach!:)

  2. Hey,I’m like you in a way that I am a masochist. I do like to fast 1 to 2 days a week just to see if I can do it. I ran a marathon. That is pure torture and pain just to say I ran a marathon. I’ve been in bad relationships and somehow keep entering them knowing that I should get away. I keep doing things that against what I want to do like cheating on my diet. I want to be smaller and know I should eat less but I keep eating more knowing I won’t reach my goal or it will be harder to reach my goal.I wished I had skinny dipped once in my life. It’s scary especially in these days and especially as a woman. There is a freedom in it. Hopefully I’ll do it soon!Lisa

  3. well it takes courage to admit some of these things that is for sure..i dont use a nailclipper either but my nails are weak enough where i can just kinda cut em off without needing to chew…how many years of yoga makes u that flexible?

  4. You are reminding me i am behind in tags…:(what an interesting list -i think fingernails have a lotof protein…i have been told (this is gross)that people who eat their boogers (yuck!) get a naturalantibiotic from them. It’s true(it was in the news)Doctor said so!Creepy day at the beach. Althoughif there was chocolate in yourpockets i might have taken yourshorts as well.(he-he)

  5. we all have our mannerisms… which we later decide to change… thanks to our god-given gift to match and establish patterns of how to behave in this world… especially being expected to behave in a particular way… so there is a transition in all our life… but I don’t think it is normally abnormal… it is either normally or abnormally – normal πŸ™‚

  6. Wait a minute, you thought you weren’t just a little bit weird? Well, let me tell you, you are a bit ;)But that’s part of your charm. And from the other comments, I see that many of these things are shared by other people. And now it’s your turn to say: I don’t really do any of those things, I just tricked you so you would admit it πŸ˜‰ ahahhaGreeat quote!

  7. I was giggling all the time while reading your post and your detesting underwears *Big Laugh*You were like my youngest brother in bed wetting πŸ™‚ and I remember Ammi getting worried and trying so many different remedies but apus ki baat hai you do have few weird habits :DStay Beautiful…!

  8. hahaha! it was funny reading the list…we have one weird thing in common…even i do the whole starving myself and running even though i could collapse any minute with exhaustion(?) just for the heck of it!

  9. dear people,its wonderful having all you folks here, listening to u and learning from u.i guess a lil abnormality is just a part of many of us, no? the magnitute may be a lil noticeable in some like me…;o)say for instance, the funniest hing is, all my childhood, i wanted to become a soldier. i didn’t, and went to engineering college instead. and guess what, i have now ended up working in the field of education?sometimes i think life itself is weird, but thats wat is so magical about it. the more i wonder, the more i am in love with life!

  10. SHITRINT,no extra effort at all. someday i’d do a demo for u – its easy, really ;o)LISA,welcome aboard! u wanna be smaller? :-O whatever for?ADITI,:)i used to practice on some asanas for a couple of years, but have given it up now. its great fun though!

  11. SUPER,try it – its great asana u know – only maynot exactly be yogic :)KESHI,goin good, babe! i’m vegetarian, eat no nails and all. only bite ’em!MISS I,MISS I,:)SOPHIE,sweet as only sophie can get! will wait for the tags. booger protein? interesting!

  12. CM,normal, eh? u seem to be the only one thinking so. wish there were a few eligible girls like u ;o)DEVIL,now its confirmed – certified by the devil and all!STARRY,don’t like is an understatement. and in this kinda weather – i don’t think its even remotely funny…ASH,absolutely.VASU,we’re all unique, aren’t we?

  13. ERIC,hehe…dude, u sure are funny.SUGAR,apus ki baat hain na? kisi ko bhi mat batana ;o)MICHELLE,interesting! thanks for visiting and keep coming by – ur comments are much appreciated!FOBIN,thanks a lot for ur kind comment, and for visiting. i’ll look forward to seeing more of u here πŸ™‚

  14. J,welcome aboard! ur telling me u don’t have a lunch box?and no – i wud never agree with u on the undie bit – no matter how well they fit :)LISA,it’ll be tomorrow, coz i have to post gratitude on wednesdays and have been keeping it that way. have been quite busy otherwise and hence no really sorry to keep u waiting, appreciate ur interest here :)HDWK,really? whats in it that u like?

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