it has been a beautiful wednesday, and i am grateful, among other things for –

1. all you blogger folks, for your visits and all the kind, beautiful words u leave behind. when i first started off blogging, it didn’t really matter. now it seems to. i love all of u.

2. this quote i found early this morning on my collague’s table –

‘Contentment is a feeling that envelopes you when you’re truly thankful for what you have and are no longer seeking to acquire more’

it reminded me that apart from posting gratitude, i have a long, long way to go.

3. my impulse, that ultimately resulted in the most beautiful weekend that i already told you about.

4. my father – for just not giving up and being there through everything.

5. the couple of eunuchs that barged into my workplace yesterday(the watchman was sent out on an errand) and just refused to leave. they live the most ignoble lives, partly due to their birth, part due to their attitude, and part owing to the attitude of those around them. they usually demand money, and as luck would have it, i only had 10 rupees in my wallet (thats all i usually give anyways). they wanted more money, and in spite of all the persuasion, just wouldn’t budge. the rest of my colleagues, had their own reasons to ignore them and not part with any money. i hadn’t felt so helpless in a long time 🙂


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  1. aww..we love u and your blog as well.. i liked the quote.. its a nice quote.. and it also makes me realize that while i took up the same practise.. i have a long way to go to truely see beyond ‘me’ and be content too..that is odd .. i havent heard of eunuchs barging into office before..

  2. We all have a long way to go, otherwise what would be the point of living? We can’t be wise from the moment we were born, that would be so boring.And you know what I think? I think blogging helps a lot in getting to know ourselves 🙂

  3. I like it that I found ya mate.**’Contentment is a feeling that envelopes you when you’re truly thankful for what you have and are no longer seeking to acquire more’in that case I was under the wrong impression for so long. Cos I was contented yet wanted more.Keshi.

  4. 🙂 I can go on a long rant abt contentment and enunchs. but I prefer nt to. Your Dad : I really appreciate the way he reads our blogs and voices his opinion. I wish he frequently puts his comment which wd be a guiding force.Wish you all the best in the long journey of life.

  5. ADITI,thank u so much, dear friend!long as we can keep learning and usually doesn’t happen – they frequent shops and so on for alms. somehow, they found our office. and what a time we had!DEVIL,i’d completely agree with u on the bit about blogging.and yes, we do have a long way to go. imho, whats important is to realise the fact and keep aspiring towards higher ideals.VASU,:) i find the very word contentment so beautiful.ASH,glad u liked it.

  6. KESHI,:) its the same feeling on this side, mate!SUPERNOVA,thanks so much!K,dad has always been, and will continue to be the guiding force. pity u haven’t shared your blog though – i’d love to see some of dad’s comments on other blogs too :)wishing u the veyr best too!

  7. ADITI,in the south, one doesn’t normally see them in the weddings, unlike in other parts of india. out here, they normally go to the market places and collect their alsm from shops as a routine

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