620 km

around 15 hours.

and a very sore bum.

bum here, refers not to me, but to my posterior. or what is left of it.

i haven’t written much about my interest in biking and some of the trips i have enjoyed. i don’t know why. may be because blogging is a relatively newer interest. also because a long time ago, i read somewhere that ‘if u really feel something, you must’nt really say it and tarnish the feeling’. to me though, biking is more than just feeling. it is ‘being’.

and so i want to share some of the aspects of last weekend with all of you. and myself, for i intend to hopefully read this many years hence. this one wasn’t one of my longest trips. like last year, when we motorcycled all the way from delhi to madras. or the year before, when we spent around 20 days, riding through the hills in uttaranchal. or even before that – and that was the first major trip – when we covered madras-bangalore-bandipur-wayanad-ooty-coimbatore-trichy-pondy-madras, a completely unplanned road trip that took us around 10 days.

but this was different because we did 600 km in a single stretch. tirunelveli to madras – it virtually cuts across the length of the state. 450 km was the max i’d ever done in a day, and at times, even that gets a little too much that by the end of it, you’re actually dying to call it a day. now, considering our roads and traffic, 600 was quite an ambitious task. but like they say, there is always the first time. and what a first this was!

a’s mobike was supposed to arrive from bangalore on saturday evening, and by the time it did arrive, it was around 4 am on sunday. so we collect the bike from the transport company, only to discover that the keys were missing. we could’ve fiddled with the ignition and tried something, but the key also opens the fuel tank and so there was no way we could do much. strange thing was, neither of us seemed unduly perturbed. for the worst thing that could happen was for us to send the bike back home and hope on to some public transport. for it was a sunday, and there weren’t many options we had. for myself, i was only wondering what His purpose could possibly be, and smiling at myself and our predicament. and since we weren’t in no hurry, and needed sometime to think, we made a trip to the temple there – nellaiappar koil.

with some trouble and a lot of help from kind hearted folk, we managed to make another key and get the baby on the road by 1130. mid morning. certainly not the best time to start riding, we were saying to each other. and it seemed like we had to be proven wrong. it was like He was sending us a message. for the weather was pleasant for most part of the afternoon and evening.

most part because at around 10 in the night, it rained. i never ccomplain about the rain, but it started pouring and the only shelter we found on the highway was a tiny little tree. which was as good as no shelter and so we were soaked. completely. as in my shoes were filled with half a litre of water, each of them, and they’d go ‘sploosh sploosh’ when i walk. a while later, it seemed to have reduced to a mild drizzle, and considering we were already pretty wet and all that, we thought we might as well continue riding. ride we did, and in about 5 minutes, it poured again. this time around, we found a tiny shop selling tea and took shelter there – much to the shocked look on the fellow’s face when we told him where we were coming from. we started off a little later, this time with the assurance from the shopkeeper that it was only passing clouds. and it wasn’t even 10 minutes when – swoosh! the rains came pouring down, yet again. now, we found a petrol bunk and waited, along with a few others. it was quite a long wait and when we finally did resume, it didn’t rain anymore.

by the time we were home, it was close to 2 o’clock – well past midnight. i like it that way, coz there is hardly any traffic in the otherwise maddening city. see, like they say, look for the silver lining! so that was the bash that i was supposed to tell u’all about, but its become quite cold now. meaning, i’m already looking forward to my next adventure πŸ™‚

PS: 1) the photograph was taken by me on a’s camera at the temple in question. more snaps can be viewed here (this is especially for the ‘star’ who has been ‘persistently’ requesting me to post photos!) i still do not own a camera, but have managed to snap a few on others’ cameras!

2) i don’t normally tell me folks on trips such as these – they tend to worry, and rightly so, for the number of road accidents we see or hear about is not funny. i told mom the following day though, and here’s what she said –

“hmm…its nice u manage your little adventures every now and then. just, …be careful…”

PPS: thanks, blogger buddies – i managed changing the date πŸ™‚


16 thoughts on “620 km

  1. Finally I saw YOU :)Biking is fun :)I love rain no matter its a fine misty rain or pouring rain and chai sounds scrumptious :)Love your road trip posts and enjoy always it very much…Thanx for sharing phots!Btw I added you on flickr.Ammi’s are adorable aren’t they?Stay Beautiful…!!

  2. That’s one of the best posts I’ve ever read. It was great. And blimey, what distances you travel on your bike!Thanks for including us. And for the pictures.

  3. AKKA,thanks πŸ™‚ ur comments make a lot of difference! its not a caveat akka, coz the bum knows na…:))SUJ,i think he can be cnosidered macha…in fact, he did much better than expected – when we reached home, he almsot seemed game for another ride!

  4. ERIC,it did, but some rest, and we were up again, both of us ;o)SUGAR,ammi’s are god’s greatest gift. glad u enjoy the postsZ,i like the expression ‘blimey’ – its very english. and very cute!and thanks much for the compliments – i am humbled.

  5. KESHI,u r most welcome!ASH,thankoo. when i get a camera, i’m coming straight to pune for my lessons ;o)MYSTIC,thanks! that particular temple, though not as popular as the ones in say, madurai or tanjavur, is equally magnificient, and definitely among the biggest ones i’ve seen.SUPERNOVA,u r absolutely right!

  6. CHITRA,and me is glad to share it with u too :)MISS I,yeah, u did miss a few of em. it was a lot more fun actually, this is just my limited use of words to convey it.

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