thats what i am. i can get completely lost.

like i started writing this post, a couple of days ago. then saved it and finally found the time to post it today. now, i want it to appear today, but its gone back to the day it was first created as a draft 😦

i tried meddling with blogger to no avail. if u folks understand my problem, and know how to go about solving it, do let me know please


9 thoughts on “technology

  1. Hi!I am so stinky at computer stuff and I get my friend to helpme everyday!!!!but i think i can help with this one….1. Open your post.2. at the bottom of the post it says “post options”3. click on that4. And change the date and time…change it to today’s date andthe time it is now -and it wil POST as the latest post -You see, it posts in the exactslot on your blog where thetime and date is set…i hope i did this right…:)

  2. Dharma its as simple as making doodpatti chai ;)Change the date huns :)P.S How u doing? I hope my prayers reached u safely without any interruptions :)Stay Beautiful…!!

  3. hmm see u got help on that already… read the post.. have always wanted to go biking for a road trip .. sounds fun specially the rain part.. but then i wasnt on the bike in the open in the rain ….

  4. SOPHIE,a big thank you. that post, is dedicated to u :)SUGARLIPS,am doing super, thanks! aur aap?DEVIL,hope u got an idea too – so u can thank sophie, coz she’s managed to help the two of us!KESHI,isn’t it the other way round? i mean, we can’t even trust technology, so how can we trust people???ADITI,tell me when, and we’ll go on a road trip on two wheels. u’ll love it πŸ™‚

  5. netime u’re on this side of the world!! ahem india i meanheheand not to interrupt but i agree with keshi.. ppl invented technology.. so u cant always trust ppl.. how can u trust technology..

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