does it matter?

it is with profound sadness that i write this post. sadness that a great hero died unsung, and this was so long ago, it doesn’t even seem to matter now. and he isn’t the first one do go away. thousands of our soldiers put their lives in grave danger so that we can sit comfortably in the security of our homes, families and cushy jobs, in comfortable environments, completely oblivious of what it must take to be on the frontiers. and then blog about trivialities. some of these soldiers even die, leaving behind their families with not just grief, but also poverty.
i am also angry. angry with our media, for feeding us with a whole lot of nonsense. most of the so called news items these days isn’t really about news, but gossip. how does it matter how much money is spent in the making of a movie, or what goes on the private lives of public ‘personalities’? and who are these so called ‘personalities’ in the first place? they are either people from the film industry, sportspersons (who no longer seem to live up to the ‘sporting spirit’) or slimy, money monging politicians who have not an iorta of values in them.
manish pitambare, commander in the indian army, dies a heroic battle fighting dreaded terrorist belonging to the hizbul mujahideen, and i (and i am sure there are others like me) didn’t even hear about it. i would’ve continued to be in the dark, but for this telling article by one of my favourite columnists, to whom i shall be eternally grateful. i did a search, and confirmed the fact that there was hardly a mention about this incident, barring a few blogs like this one, or that.
for long, i’ve thought its not completely the fault of the media. most of the media in our society today is owned by huge business conglomerates. and for most of them, it is only TRP ratings, and ROI and stuff like that, that matters. so they will obviously keep feeding us stuff that we like. and if sleeze is what the people want, that is what they will get.

i am not entirely sure though. i am upset for having been kept in the dark. i am sure there will be others like me. lots of them, in fact. i am beginning to think that its not the only way of looking at the issue. for long now, we have only been exposed to a certain type of information. most of it doesn’t really matter, and definitely fails to inspire anybody. i think the media plays a much larger role, that of shaping the way a society thinks. to me, it seems like it is high time somebody did something about this. what, i wonder. stop watching NDTV, maybe. so they’re ratings plummet. and then they’re forced to rethink their strategies. is that a plausible idea, i wonder?

PS: 1) my salutations to manish pitambare, and deepest conodolences to his family
2) a actually wanted to write about last weekend (and another one has already come by!), but then this thing has shaken me quite a bit.

16 thoughts on “does it matter?

  1. Yes, the world is ruled by money and the desire for power. It’s sad, it’s revolting and many times we are ignorant of the real things that go on around us (even if it’s not necessarily our fault). It’s true that in this excess of information world we tend to get always the same kind of information, that isn’t even important or significant to us, many of the times.There is one upside, I think – the internet and the ability it gives us to search for our own sources of info, to choose what we find important and what is trash. We can do that if we have independent minds and a clear conscious, like you do. So you won’t be kept in the dark…I hope!

  2. a great spirit and heart like his cannot be kept in the dark -and great souls like youmy dear Dharmabum honor these lives with your love -what will survive us is love…hugs

  3. Indeed.I wonder how true this is for most major media outlets, not just in India, but in the entire world. The non-news news here in the US right now is the death of Anna Nicole Smith, and however sad that is, it’s a footnote compared to the fact that the country is IN A WAR.As long as news organizations are in business to make a profit, unfortunately it will always be like this. Like DM says, the Internet gives us hope.My condolences as well.

  4. This debate has been there for ages. What is news? Who decides that? Is it about educating or another means of entertainment. I’m not sure if BBC has covered all those Brits who died in Iraq…or CNN comes up with American brutality in Afghanistan. The debate is justified but then like this valiant Officer we’ve some reporters who dare and that makes all of us proud….the abnormal citizens of this country!

  5. DEVIL,yes, there certainly is hope. its only that at times of looking at all the despair around, i tend to lose sight of the hope.and it came to me – ir the form of that lil devil from portugal – thank u :)SOPHIE,yes, they cannot be kept in the dark. only that i thot he deserved more – atleast in death.oh, and pls don’t say such things about me – i don’t in the least deserve it.ERIC,thanks dude. u r right, it is like that all over the world

  6. ADITI,u did read? thats nice – u shud’ve blogged about it also na…KESHI,terrorism is very difficult to understand, keshi. as far as they are concerned, they r fighting for a cause. there is a fine line that separates terrorists from freedom fighters. like many other issues, i am at a loss :(ASH,do a pic for the man and his family, will u? something dedicated to him, in ur own style? thats my request :)D,welcome!have u been successful / unsuccessful in bringing u here? :Dthe reporters u talk of are few and far by, no?

  7. My condolences to the great hero!About the media, its a wholly different subject and will continue to stay a subject of debate forever.Whilst a lot of significant things happen around the world and stay omitted from the media, they continue to think that the freedom of press is to print whatever they feel like. Sad scene!

  8. I should have but if i remember accurately it happened sometime in december/jan when i was in chicago and going through a rocky phase.. selfish indulgences yea i know.. but i am human and sometimes i dont see beyond mesigh =/

  9. liked wht i read.. actually, the thing abt most media houses being owned by large business conglomerates, we get sleaze becasue we want sleaze and such points.. the thing is, which i also argued and questioned with a lot of professors and guests in college ws, “Who decides that ‘people want sleaze’ and How?? i mean, given the high level of disquietitude of readers, yound and old with regards to P3 culture and flimsy reports revolving around public figures (psst- is ash already married to abhishek coz she went to the temple, put some conspicuos sindoor or wore some haar and such alike)… I always feel tht wht we read in the newspapers is a result of opinions and idiosyncrasies of not more than 10-15 people in each city office… actually, it’s after reading so many blogs tht i feel tht more worthwhile to and fro of thoughts takes in the blogosphere than elsewhere..

  10. if what u say about the media is true – it being a fancy of a few guys who run it – then it is sad. plus, most media houses these days are also driven by business compulsions…one thing i agree about though is that blogging is serious alternate medium, and lots of thoughts and discussions here, which is heartening :)thanks!

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