its a tight rope walk, the path of a seeker. there are many pitfalls. and its easy to get dissuaded, discouraged and to stray away from the path. everyday is a new challenge.

amidst all the perils, the one thing that has always worked for me is prayer. it reinforces my faith in the omni present divinity. more importantly, it strengthens by belief in myself. prayer gives me immense strength. prayer also cleanses my mind of its inherent filth. it fills my heart with a certain calmness that is hard to describe. i pray that He grant me the wil & time to pray regularly.

one that note, its wednesday and so i remember to be grateful to –

1. BG for being so kind as to invite me for a meeting. although it may not happen anytime soon (as i am held up with work, and also travelling one and off), i will look forward to it, as he is one of my favourite bloggers.

2. sethu, the auto driver and isakkiappan, the auto mechanic in tirunelveli. they were simple, unassuming and extremely helpful people. and we were badly in need of help 🙂

3. tirunavukkarasu, in trichy, for reminding me how truly blessed i have been. he waits in a moderate hotel in evenings, and studies science in a college during the day. he lives in very simple, and for some, very inconvenient, accomodation provided by the hotel (he otherwise belongs to a different town, salem). true to his name, he has that zeal in him and his words inspire.

PS: the weekend was a blast. will write about it in my next post.


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  1. I love prayer – even the SOUND ofthe word prayer moves me to God -In India there is a magic to prayer in the temples that filled my heart and soul -as does your post -you remind me 😦 to post again ongratitude – as I have sooooooooomuch to be grateful for…you know, I am grateful for you -as you are perceptive and sweet andyou leave such lovely comments on my blog and it makes me feel good…also – i love that word -“zeal”i shall use it soon – a zest for life – a zest for love -a zest for beaty and art and….friendship:)

  2. DEVIL,i am MOST thankful for the prayers. i would be lost without them!Z,i don’t know about that, but i know that THAT is one of the best comments i’ve seen here :)i am so glad it had that calming effect!KESHI,simple, like keshi, maybe?ASH,and i LOVE your photographs – they speak so much that i struggle to do with words ;o)ADITI,biscuits? ;o)SOPHIE,i am glad that the comments make u feel good. for i sencerely feel that u r such a person who deserves to feel good all the time.we all have much to be grateful for, don’t we? mine is an attempt, borrowed from our friend novel, o try and remember a few on a regular basis.CM,the way i show my gratitude – is something i learnt from a fellow blogger, and i shall be eternally grateful to her for that :)thanks for coming by. ur comments are much appreciated – do keep coming by more often!

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