can’t wait

i don’t talk too much about most things. i am not up to date with current affairs and the likes – i do not watch the TV and my newspaper reading is quite minimal – and so there aren’t many topics that i could share my opinion about. sometimes conversations even tend to bore me. in short, i am bad company πŸ™‚

i had this friend who used to tell me all the time that the sober bum is quite boring, but give him a couple of shots and he’s great to hang around with. well, i am not sure if it was entirely true, but we did share a lot of good times. a good number of them, i recall now, were spent in, u know…inebriation! but i read this just now, and it makes me skeptical –

Wine makes a man more pleased with himself; I do not say that it makes him more pleasing to others.
– Samuel Johnson


on that note, i will bid all you folks adieu. a very short one, just for the weekend. it promises to be a fun filled one, with quite some adventure – this weekend. and we will need a lot of luck, and prayers – so please do take care of the praying bit, friends πŸ™‚

wil get back and tell u what happened and how it went ;o)


15 thoughts on “can’t wait

  1. Well, Johnson always had the clarity of thought to write in clear and concise language the exact thing without being verbose – for instance he said “Anyone who sleeps before 12 midnight, is a scoundrel” Oh! It is one AM here and off to bed I go …Have a great timeDeepak

  2. ADITI,enjoyed, and thanks!DEVIL,mebbe. i’ve experienced a few tiresome ones. on the other hand, i’ve also known a few people who are a pleasure to drink with. i think its all how u feel about the person – inerbiated or not!oh, and the weekend hadn’t much to do with drinking, if thats what u meant by ‘remeber johnson’.ERIC,thanks. and welcome aboard!ASH,thanks!

  3. DEEPAKJI,long time no see?i am not sure what johnson means by the quote. me, i am a scoundrel, irrespective of my varied sleeping time :)SUPERNOVA & MISS I,it was a blast! will write about it in time.

  4. SOPHIE,its not funny at all – it just strengthens my belief on ‘connecting’ to the people we love…thanks, hugs to u too. honestly, i missed em hugs a lot. :(hope u had a truly good time in india.

  5. MYSTIC,i am inebriated all the time – either literally or figuratively or both!SUGAR,hugs to u too πŸ™‚ ur kindness brings tears to my eyes. jo log doosron ke liye dua karte hain, mera yeah maan na hai ki oopar wala unki special dekhbaal karta hai.HITCHIKER,thanks – i already had it πŸ™‚

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