i owe an apology to all my blogger friends. i have not visited many of them for a while now. wil try to do so soon.

i also owe you all an apology on one other account – there are so MANY things to write about and share with all u beautiful folk, but just not the time. so what am i writing now? just this.

and of course, that i am thankful for –

1) having learnt how to be simple and unabashed, from this sweet act of my akka pinging me early this morning and ASKING me to wish her. it is her birthday.

2) my beautiful boss (thats both literal and figurative *grin*) for being ever so kind to the undeserving me, and yet, commanding so much respect, in her own unique style. *bows*

3) my dearest father – for having introduced me, and through this blog, some of you(who don’t already know), to – THIS


16 thoughts on “

  1. I wish I had a beautiful boss. Actually, having a boss at all seems like a good idea right now. Nevertheless I don’t deal with authority very well.We’ll be here when you have more time πŸ™‚

  2. ADITI,there is so much ‘wonder’ in this world…DEVIL,keep wishing, and it’ll materialise soon!nobody deals with authority well!! its only a question of how we look at it – and how much we feel the need for it.me, i need to get a lil smarter with managing my time. wil learn that soon, and yes, PLEASE do hang around ;o)

  3. NOVEL,i’ve missed u too :)stories are coming, but don’t know when. am so hard pressed for time these days, i don’t believe it myself :(the gratitude – well, i mus thank you – for it is my good friend novel that taught me gratitude in the first place :)SUGAR,thanks!kaam mein doobey hue hain – kya karen, aaj kal fursta hi nahin miltee πŸ™‚ bahut jaldee vaapis aayengey πŸ™‚

  4. Hmmmm finish your work jaldi jaldi and come back I miss you and your mazaydar posts 😦 I hope things are perking up great at your end :)Ghar ka khana bhi milay ga aur chai bhi…waisay chai tou app nai thundi hee kar di lol I actually posted a video of making chai :DTake care alot hunsStay Beautiful…!!

  5. oh the copyright thing? if something is nice and u think it ought to be copied so more people experience it, i can suggest u cud link my post in ur blog! simple! :)thanks for dropping by!

  6. SUGARLIPS,work is still pretty hectic, but have managed to post! wil keep it that way for now – once in a week atleast. more when theres more time :)SHITRINT,wil lead them to your blog for sure, no problems with that :)KESHI,welcome! you are a sort of a celebrity by my standards – considering the number of people visiting your blog! thanks for dropping by.err…whats ‘WB’???ASH,hulllloooooooo!WAYNE,thanks for dropping by and glad u enjoyed the posts – do come by more often.kerouac – i only read one book, which is the title of this blog, but i loved that one.”i actually linked her simply because of the kerouac reference”i don’t understand that bit though – i mean, who is the ‘her’ in question?

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