my first meme

i’ve been tagged by a friend and the task is to list 10 things that ‘define’ me.

i believe our ‘personality’ or what we believe that to be, is just a sum total of our experiences and the perceptions and beliefs we have formed as a result of these experiences. and so an attempt at ‘defining’ it would be futile, and at the best me quite inaccurate. and very very time
bound. ask show me this a year later, and i might say its not even close to me.

before u read on, i have to warn u that many things listed many not seem ‘normal’. some might even come across as quite onboxious, so friends, pa – i am warning u all šŸ™‚


1. cliched as this many sound, i am quite complicated. in the inside i mean. in fact, i think i got a couple of loose nuts up there. no, i’m sure of it actually.

2. i get bored very easily. of people, jobs, places, food, pursuits and just about everything else. i consciously look out for change, and actively so. i am surprised i am not bored of blogging. yet šŸ™‚

3. i’ve loads and loads of energy and whether its a gruelling physical ordeal (among 4 of us, we once manually transported some 100 bags of rice, each weighing 80 kg, from a truck to a store house in the first floor!) or a tough analytical problem, i can keep going on and on and on. and i NEVER give up!

4. what follows might seem contradictory to what i just said, but thats again something that defines me! i’m quite full of contradictions (and my most beautiful akka tells me that life is after all about managing our contradictions. so thats a consolation right now.)

5. i can do nothing. yes, u heard it right. in fact, i am most comfortable doing nothing. not read. not talk. not sleep. not write. not move, just sit, gaze at nothing and scratch my armpits. for hours. (and it surprises me when people say that they get ‘bored’)

6. i’m addicted to adventure. from the smallest bit like talking to a complete stranger and taking him by surprise, to more exciting things like riding my mobike over hundreds of miles – i just need my regular dosage.

7. i’m quite spiritual. also an indophile. also a major fan/follower/lover of the sanatana dharma (hinduism, to the unitiated, but i don’t really like calling it that.and i am convinced – that all of these mean the same thing. (do i sound like a fanatic?)

8. my father once told me that my greatest strength is that i am ‘light headed’. i am beginning to think he is right.the only things that can even remotely bog me down are myself and that lil monkey inside my head!!!

9. i identify a LOT with animals

10. i’m not a loner, and yet, i love being by myself.”i love you, and i think we’ve had a wonderful journey together, but well, this isn’t my station and i need to keep going”, would probably sum
up ‘my very own’ philosophy of life (sounds selfish? it would, coz i am after all, trying to define myself)


phew…that was quite tough actually. it took me a lot of effort, but i am glad, coz i believe introspection is always a good thing.

do i tag someone? well, all of u who have read this, please do try it out. even if u do not post it – its worth thinking about. believe me.

PS: is a tag different from a meme? or are they the same thing?


2 thoughts on “my first meme

  1. NIYANTHA,abt the VE classes – thanks a TON!! u know, for someone who is trying to be a ‘teacher’ (i use the quotes coz i don’t really believe anything can be taught!), that is the NICEST compliment – when a student says he had a good time in class.don’t get me wrong here – ur name sounds familiar, but as it turns out, i am quite PATHETIC when it comes to names (a very SAD thing for someone who wants to be a teacher šŸ˜¦ – but i never forget faces, so lemme know if u’ve posted a snap somwhere so i can place u :)SOPHIE,i am full of contradictions, dear friend. and i couldn’t immediately thing of thinks to say either – i actually spent a lot of time, in phases before i posted that bit!

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