some of the men wear this look of utter disbelief, their eyes almost popping out at my question. some others part their lips in that typically sardonic smile. one guy seems to think something is wrong and asks me if i am kidding them all. yet another one asks, “you’ve never applied for a job with the government? never needed a community certificate? how about a proof of residence?”, in a tone that sounds like he is talking to an alien or something.

“maybe his dad has done everything for him”, one man finally says. he has actually – practically all my college applications have been filled and mailed by dad. all i’ve ever had to do was place my signature at the right places. and i shall always be grateful to him for that (to the anonymous commentor, who asks me if i need to remind myself, YES, i certainly do!)

now, all the people i’m talking about – they’re all with me, standing in one serpentine queue at the head post office, to procure the application for the ‘village administrative officer’. i need to buy it for a friend of mine – one of those people from one of those bygone chapters in life 🙂
with more than a hundred peolpe in line, i have all the time in the world, u know…to make small talk and so on. and i ask them, “who is a VAO? what is his job like?”.

and this is how they react to my question.

PS: in retrospect, i think maybe we’re all moving farther and farther away from the village and village life, and i don’t think it is a good thing. i feel the people in villages live much closer to nature and animals.


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