over the past couple of months, work has been hectic. and chaotic.
add to it, the ‘monkeying of the mind’ over the past 10 days or so – makes it so much more complicated. and makes me so much less effecient.
thankfully before things could escalate to uncontrollable levels, i sort of settled a few things at work today.
and after a long day, found this
isn’t it funny how relative perceptions that are based on personal, societal and cultural conditioning of the mind can seem to ridiculously funny to some, and quite obnoxious or even painful to others?

PS: its not wednesday, but i am prompted by this very dear blogger buddy to remind myself often to be thankful, for –

1) being alive, and provided for, in this world where survival seems like an ordeal for millions around me. thank u, god!

2) being blessed with the most beautiful father, mother and lil sis!

3) novel, for reminding me to be thankful.

4) the dinner with a ‘stranger’ last night – it was the first time, and quite pleasant 🙂


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