i remembered, but i forgot to post about it, and i couldn’t possibly not share it with all you wonderful friends (atleast, those of you who may not already know about it)

today is ‘youth day’ – commemorating sw.vivekanandaji’s birthday.

like thousands of men and women, dharmabum too, has been awe struck by this wonderful personality. in india, they talk about ‘vak shakti’, or the power of the word. if one has to experience it, all we have to do is read swamiji’s words. there is no way we can not be woken up from slumber and struck by words that seem like bolts of lightning – absolutely charged! like this, for instance –

“Feel, my children, feel; feel for the poor, the ignorant, the downtrodden; feel till the heart stops and the brain reels and you think you will go mad –then pour the soul out at the feet of the Lord, and then will come power, help, and indomitable energy. . .”

it is difficult to ‘pick and choose’ quotes of such a person. ALL his words are inspiring. i haven’t been able to find one word which could be called superfluous. but i wanted to pick one more, one that relates to my beloved soil, bharat – something that swamiji himself held very dear to his heart –

“India cannot perish, our race cannot become extinct, because among all the divisions of mankind it is to India that is reserved the highest and the most splendid destiny the most essential to the future of the human race.”

happy youth day!

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