the epidemic

“If you feel a smile begin, don’t leave it undetected, let’s start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected!”
Russel H. Conwell

cute, is it not? it sure did bring a smile on my face and so i have set out on starting the epidemic and infecting all you blogger friends.


i don’t celebrate christmas as such, but this time around, had an awesome time. on christmas eve, i went to a music concert. it was a chitra veena recital by this guy called ravikiran, who is probably one of the very few people who plays this particular stringed instrument. i haven’t heard of others atleast.

like i’ve said here before, i love live concerts simply for the beautiful harmony that they create. in carnatic music, it can get all the more energetic. the kind of chemistry between the performing artistes and the members of the audience, even among the artistes themselves, all takes the entire conert to unimaginable levels of entertainment. the accompaniments at times tend to be denied of their deserving share of limelight. in this concert, there was also a violin, a tavil (percussion) and a rythm pad (the tanpura is present by default in most cases), and the best part was the way the main artiste payed rich tribute to the others, and also accomodated enough to showcase their talents as well. to the uninitiated, carnatic is a classical form of music owing its routes to the southern parts of india. there is something divine about carnatic music. its depth and beauty are quite undescribable, but those interested would be benefited by going through this link, written by one of my favourite columnists.

this is also the season of music in madras. a number of concerts take place at different locations during this month and it is a music lover’s delight. believe it or not, there were more than 3000 concerts during this month last year. there are supposed to be more this year. i always make it a point to pick atleast a few of them, depending on the time and affordability.

so that was divine music on christmas eve, and then yesterday, two of my chuddi dost (it literally means ‘underwear friends’ in hindi!! like friend who are so close, they’d even share their underpants :)) well, its not like that for us, but these are guys i’ve spent practically all my college life with) came down from their own cities and we met up. spent the whole day with them. having spent most of my time alone for a few years now, i almost fear company, for i am very used to the silence. and so honestly, i was a little apprehensive about how this meeting with friend would go. for it is a fact that i’ve changed a lot since i left college and i was sure these guys would’ve changed too. and i was nervous coz i didn’t know if we’ll still have so many things to talk or do after all these years. baseless anxieties, for we had a ball of a time. we talked and talked late into the night and we were all so damn happy at the end of it all…

so that was christmas. continuing with spreading the epidemic, i got this ultra cute joke on sms just now –

a motorist hits a sparrow. he takes the unconscious bird, puts it in a cage with some bread and water. the next morning, the bird wakes up, looks around, and screams, “bars, bread and water. i’m in jail. oh my god, i must’ve killed the motorist!!!”

now, go ahead and spread the epidemic real fast.


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