this post is dedicated to a new found friend – she asked for it! i hardly know her, and yet have taken an instant liking for her. in fact, i think i have a huge crush on her 🙂 i know for a fact that there are a lot many people like me – for the person in question is just so naturally loveable. i am also sure that given the time and circumstances, i hardly have the remotest chance 😦
but i constantly remind myself of my aspiration to grow to be someone who loves unconditionally. i don’t want to be loved, just bcoz i love someone.


i’ve spent all my life in southern coastal india where although it is warm and humid for most part of the year, the monsoons have invariably been eventful. every year, the monsoon successively throws up a couple of cyclone threats. though most of them fizzle out, there have always been these crazy bouts of rain, coupled with strong winds, uprooted trees, flooded roads and freak incidents of people dying of lightning strikes.

whatever else, the one thing that happens during this season is the veritable bedlam caused by the croaking of huge groups of frogs. i’ve never bothered to use a noise meter, but i am sure the noise levels on such occasions would compare with a noisy classroom in a middle school. the empty spaces (they existed in the past and are gradually shrinking!) would be filled with water, and turn into miniature ecosystems hosting a multitude of creatures. i have had the good fortune of spending long hours at my balcony, gazing at snakes, lying quietly in wait, and then darting out at just the right moment to grab a hapless frog that had been creaming its lungs out. sometimes, i wonder why the frogs do that, thereby exposing themselves to the preying snakes, but thats the beautiful mystery of nature, is it not?

my mother, in an effort to apparently create a garden, has ended up with a miniature forest with numerous species of plants and animals! the frogs would eventually find their way into the house during this time of the year. someone would always take the trouble of driving them out, or into some corner of the house where they would no longer be visible. and thus, my association with the ubiquitous frog began a long time ago!

although i don’t have a good memory, a few events of my stay at college just refuse to fade away. we had common bathrooms and lavatories. once, during the rains, there appeared this frog in one of the bathrooms. he would just sit in one corner, probably unable to find his way out. funny thing is, most of my friends were either plainly scared, or repulsed by this poor creature. although a little weary myself initially, i soon got used to this fellow and true enough, it suited me perfectly. for that particular bathroom would be left unused owing to the presence of this ‘intruder’. which meant i no longer had to wait in queues for my turn to have a bath!

much later, i was where i currently reside and in that particular year, it rained more than it normally does. most parts of the city were flooded and life had almost come to a standstill. the only thing one could possibly do was stay indoors and during one of those days when i was depressed of staying indoors, reading and not doing much else (i am otherwise a very outdoor person), i was taking a daytime nap when i felt something on my chest. instinctively, i felt it with my hand and it turned out to be something that shook me out of my slumber. on waking, i found this little frog, hopping around me (i sleep on the floor) – his huge eyes gazing in apparently differently directions.

my first reaction was to drive him out, and with the use of my broom, i chased him all over the place. rather than go out, everytime, he’d choose a different location, sometimes to tough-to-reach-cranny. i was, fortunately or unfortunately, unsuccessful in this endeavour and so i just went back to sleep. little did i know that this little thing would end up being my guest and companion for more than a month.

a month or so later, disappeared. just like that. he kind of broke my heart, for i missed his presence. what did i expect, i ask myself – that a frog come to me, thank me for the hospitality and then bid adieu?!? i’ve gotten over him now anways, but i’ll always remember his unobtrusive presence. he was the size of a lemon, thats all. he’d just sit there in his corner. there were times when i though he’d left, only to quickly find him, in a different place.there were days when i’d get back from work, tired and sit and talk to him.i still talk, but only to myself!

PS: dear friends, wish u all a merry christmas!


2 thoughts on “croak

  1. @ sugarlips.. i ws touched reading ur comment here.. very touched…@ the bumit’s amazing jus how much similarities i can draw from ur talks.. it’s just too surreal! :)when i ws small, we went to live in this considerably faaar away place for my mother had a passion for ‘a big bunglow with a graden, all of her own’.. so those times, i grew up seeing snakes, and partridges, brown hares and tortoises, and life ws bliss. we had (and still have) a kind of cupboard for shoes outside, and i used to keep my school shoes there.. in monsoon, tht rack (and our bathrooms) served a heaven for frogs. each morning, my grandpa wud take my shoes out and shake them to drop the frogs out. I used to gleefully stand by his side and count the numbers.. I used to get ecstatic if the count ws more than three or four.. 😀 i considered the froglets in the bathroom to be my ‘pets’ and didnt allow anyone to throw them out. my sis, who dealt with a ‘yuccckkk’ and ‘eeeek’ everytime she saw them in her way also accomodated them in her own special way.. 🙂 she wud just announce after each bath, i hope we dont have any guests, they will call us a house of mad people once they leave..

  2. GAURI,thanks for digging into my archives. yes, we do seem to be ‘connecting’ with similarities and i am glad :)you’re lucky to have grown in the midst of all those animals. many of them, we can only show pictures of to our kids these days :)@ the frogs dropping from shoes – it is so CUTE, that 🙂 thanks for sharing.

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