PA please don’t read this post!!!

16th December, 0230 hrs.

har har gange!

random thoughts. mixed feelings.
it is past midnight and so technically speaking, it is the 17th right now. i have, however, always held that the next day dawns only after i wake up from my sleep.

it isn’t that the other days haven’t been worth writing about. lets just say i seized the moment, and am writing this. i am sure i am addicted to adventure. but then someone said that bit about fools being cocksure, and so i wonder. sometimes, i am not sure if adventure seeks me equally zealously too!


a fab day at work, like it has always been in the last 6 months or so, followed by a beautiful evening with this most beautiful friend. she is among those people who have been so kind to me i starting wondering why. reasoning isn’t my forte, and so i leave that question at that.

so here i am riding down the road after having droped off this buddy, after we watched a late night movie together. someone calls out. its just a hiss, and i see this woman across the road, in the corner. one look at her and i could say she was a hooker. i couldn’t cross the road right there, on account of there being a median. riding on, i look back at her, just to confirm and she called again – this time a mere gesture. i am sure of it now.

i ride on, find the nearest ‘U’turn’ and decide to ‘check her out’ ;o) for i am sure i don’t want to sleep with her. what then would be the harm in talking to her, i say to myself and go back again to find her.

SHE: “i need to go to…”
ME: “i am going the other way”
SHE: “alright then, i’ll go your way and get off at…”
ME: “look, i am not looking for…”
SHE: “i am only asking for a lift, its on your way anyways”

she is young, well made and quite attractive, wearing a saree and some gawdy makeup. when she sat on the scooter, i could feel her legs firmly against my back. the scooter was borrowed from my friend, and its smaller than my own mobike, so i just ride on. i tell her my name and she tells me hers, though i doubt if its the real name.

SHE: “single, or married?”
HE: “single. and you?”
SHE: “single”

as we go on, we pass a couple of young guys, who wouldn’t stop staring! i feel her move a little, just adjust herself. and then she places her hand on my shoulder. she leans against me, one of her breasts firmly against my back and runs her hand down the nape of my neck.

i wasn’t shell shocked or anything, but i must say i hadn’t expected this happening so fast. by then, her destination had arrived and so i ask her where she wants to get off. she mentions a totally different place this time. i stop off. she suggests we stop off at the alley ahead. i tell her again that i am not the one she is looking for. she just looks at me – into my eyes – very plainly, and says its alright. and walks off, in that pretentious walk, her curvacious back to me. “sorry”, i say, for thats all i could think of saying at that point of time.i actually felt a lil sorry for having disappointed her. all i wanted is to talk to her, but i suppopse she can’t afford the time, can she?
smiling to myself, i ride on homeward, till i find a petty shop and stop off for a smoke. big bunch if cops around, some kinda patrol. no questions for me though, i pick my cigarettes and continue my ‘journey’.


a little further down, i find this guy in a BP uniform, walking down the road, a cigarette in his hand, his eyes more on the road beneath him than ahead of him. instinctively, i stop off and offer him a lift. after all, this time, he was walking in the same direction i was going. it turns out he had to go ahead of my home, but hopped on nevertheless and told me a few things about how customers are taken for a ride in the fuel pumping station – u know, the tricks of the trade and all. meanwhile, i ride that extra mile and drop him off to where he had to go.

HE: “what made u stop and offer a lift?”
ME: “impulse, i guess”
HE: “i was thinking how i’ll go back all the way home after a tiring days work, at this time of the night. people normally don’t stop even if one waves out. you came to me all by yourself. i think i am lucky”
ME: “He sends people exactly where they are needed. take care”

he walks off, smiling to himself. i think his name was arul or something. i promise to visit the fuel station he was working at sometime later.


i am finally near my home, wondering at the sequence of events. i am on my street and a cop stops appears out of nowhere and stops me. he wants to know what i was doing at that time of the night and i tell him i am back from a movie. he asks me if i am drunk.”no sir, i don’t mix that with driving”, i say. i don’t, honestly. it is something of a rule i have made for myself.

he asks me the number of the scooter and i innocently look at the number plate – at which he gives this raucous laugh and says i should say it out of memory. it isn’t my scooter, i tell him, and so i wouldn’t happen to know. at which point he asks me for the papers (the scooter is registered in a nearby state, and so that makes it even mroe complicated!). i rummage through the glove box, and as luck would have it, all i find is a water bottle and some tamboolams. apparently, my friend has been to a wedding and forgotten the little bags there.

he says maybe the vehicle is stolen. i try telling him and that i live on that very street, and that i have been living there for more than a year now. to which he softens (“namma area, so i won’t trouble you too much”), and asks me to, u know, take care of him. grease his palm, u know. bribe – is what it means. i’ve never liked the idea and so ask him for the alternative. he says i could go with him, leave the scooter at the police station, come back the next day, produce the relevant documents and pick up the bike.

i thought i’d rather do that, than bribing this sorry looking sonova-god-knows-what-cop. i think i’d better confirm if my friend at all has any documents before taking that step – for i’d rather not go there with empty hands the next day. and so i start calling my friend, where upon he tells his assistant, that they’d ‘take good care of this smart guy, if he doesn’t want it the easy way’.
i ask him for the alternative. he says, “no trouble son, just give us some money and u’ll be on your way”. “i don’t wanna indulge in bribe, sir”, i say. “then lets call it good will son, no hard feelings”. by this time, i’ve had enough and so i pick up the hundred odd rupees that i had in my pocket and hand it over.

“i do hope u have some money for yourself. i don’t wanna take all that u have and leave u high and dry”, he says. kind and considerate soul. i don’t remember his name, it was jose or something like that”
“merry christmas, sir”, i tell him and am glad to finally get home.


2 thoughts on “PA please don’t read this post!!!

  1. Dharma,Dad would be proud reading this. Tell you what, I thought you were like me. But, I see you are different, very different and that’s what makes you stand out of the crowd.First – not everybody, would have let the girl go just like that :D, I’d have wanted to do more talking, figure out what she was like, but like you said, I don’t think she could afford that.Second – Not many would stop and offer a lift.I mean, I know few who do that, but they take too much credit for their simple actions. I like the way you in ‘such a simple manner’ attributed it to ‘his’ actions. Your blog is like my secret treasure. I come here looking for a new post, don’t find one, dig into archives, and am more than happy. More than your blog being, it’s a feeling. It changes my mood. I like that 🙂

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