ephemeral love

there used to be this ad – tata indica or something, where this guy goes on a dream trip. he’s hitchhiking, stops a car for a lift, finds the driver to be a pretty woman, falls in love, her father wants to kill him…it goes on like that till it finally rewinds to the present, where the guy is on the road, thumbing a lift…

well, this particular girl in question – she wasn’t gorgeous or anything. not the tall, svelte, conventional-walk-the-ramp types anyways. she was blonde, her hair so perfectly curly though, that it looked straight out of a fairy tale book. beth or something was her name. i especially liked her mannerisms, her reactions to the situations & people around her, so natural & unabashed. short, and with no airs – i instantly fell in love with her.

and then a few minutes later she(like all the other girls!), got wedded – nice ceremony, the gown, the guests and what not. all through the TV show, there was this talk of a wedding gift, but i thought it was for the ‘future’ wedding, not realising that the future was so close.
so that was my 10 minute love story. hmm…

PS: the show is called ‘pimp my ride’ and if i remember correctly, i saw it on MTV. i don’t watch much TV, but this was during one of my travel trips and i had nothing to do sitting in the hotel room. the show is very interesting though.


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