he welcomed me with a pleasant smile. he had a face that in no way was anything out of the ordinary.

having politely offered me a seat, he listened to my trouble and then rattled off a few routine questions by way of verification. while the matter was getting processed, he even made small talk to me. the routine talk of course. where i was working… what i had studied… why i was doing what i was doing while my educational background was such and such and all that…

the whole procedure was completed in about 15 min. remember, this was in the midst of some 200 people jostling about to get their tickets at the railway station. that too some 10 minutes before the official lunch break. the trouble was that i had lost my own tickets and needed duplicate ones to be issued.

i had to meet the chief ticketing supervisor, the person described above. he was so nice to me, i was even taken aback at his promptness. he even went that extra mile to make sure i got my ticket, than send me back to the queue, as i was running out of time. on bidding adieu, he even asked me to come back sometime to his office to we could discuss education and other good things in life.

how OFTEN have we complained about the inefficient government services? i’m not defending them, but i guess like everything else in life, this generalistion has also been proven wrong.
moreover, if we really think it over, we might realise that all of is are also in some way responsible for the existing system (mal)functioning the way it does. when are we going to stop blaming everything on the inefficiency of the govt.?
when are we going to OWN UP?

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